Or should I say, seriously-pregnant-the-only-thing-that-fits style!



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jacket: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar here) // blouse: Motherhood Maternity (similar here) // pants: Motherhood Maternity // boots: Alfani (this season) // scarf: little shop off the streets of London // purse: Coach (this season – or at least the one I am currently obsessed with) // best accessory: baby bump (one-of-a-kind!)


It is no fun being post-due pregnant. First of all, your options for style are already very limited during your third trimester, but at this point most of my maternity clothes (specially shirts) are too short, by inches!! Second, everyone (literally everyone) thinks you have no idea that you are pregnant and feels the need to come up to you and say things like “wow, you look like you are going to p-o-p!” or “you must be due any day” to which I respond “actually three days ago” and they basically take off running as if my water is about to break that very second right on them (sorry for the image!). And of course, it is no fun being post due because my phone is literally going off all day because everyone (I am not just talking about you mother) constantly wants to know the ‘status’ or just text me to see if I will respond. Trust me, you will all know when I have the baby as my social media accounts will be down for an unusual amount of time –> follow my Instagram for real-time, all-day updates!

Sorry for the rant! Though it is hard being post-due, I really am so thankful for wonderful family and friends that care so much about me during this time. I obviously cannot plan my week or even my day-to-day schedule (which is very difficult for the planner-side of me) as I have no idea what the next day will hold (though, every day I pray it will involve holding my new little one!). I have been extremely blessed the past week with so many last-minute play dates, lunch meetings, friends picking up items for me at the grocery, or friends just stopping by with treats to check on me. It is very difficult to get out for extended periods of time as I am so large right now and am even larger with a 30 lb. toddler on my hip, but I would most definitely go crazy sitting alone in my house all day. I am so grateful for good friends and the wonderful service they offer me and my family – it is the only thing keeping me sane!!


**Oh, and sorry for the ginormous pictures of me!! These will be my motivator (“fat”) pictures after baby is born to get this body ready for a swimsuit!

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  1. You are looking beautiful! Still stylish, and wearing heels! I'm only in my second trimester and too scared to wear heels as I've definitely gotten more clumsy than usual, haha!

    I like the scarf with the denim jacket :)

    Away From Blue



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