Tate is definitely becoming more vocal these days and really beginning to understand commands we give him. This new phase is definitely coming at the perfect time as I can say to him, “please pick up your blanket and hand it to Mommy” and he will do it!! It is amazing! He will also respond to questions that we ask him with yes/no responses – though his understanding of our questions to him are sometimes questionable based on his yes/no response. Some days we have “no” days and other days we have “yes” days. But, one thing that is consistent is his response when we ask him, “are you excited for your baby sister?!”…

Though this is his usual response to any question about his sister, I really do not think he has any idea how much his world is about to be rocked. I try to explain and talk about the little sister coming and how she is in ‘Mommy’s belly’ but he has no clue. We are still working on basic animal sounds and him pointing to his body parts, let alone understanding the reproductive system of our bodies and the birth of a new person. Soon enough, though, he will get it!!

One of the best words of comfort I have received through this pregnancy and how to prepare Tate for his sister’s arrival was from our pediatrician. She told me that the greatest gift she ever gave her children were their siblings. I love that! I know life is going to be very different and there will be lots of changes for Tate in the coming weeks, but what a wonderful gift we are giving to him. A sibling to always love, a friend to play with, a student to teach things to, a playmate to be mischievous with, a sister that he will be sealed to as a part of our forever family. What a marvelous gift. Though, he may not be excited or understand the gift we are giving him right now, he soon will.


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