It just hit me today. These next couple of weeks, days or even hours will be my last as a mom of one. Soon this precious baby girl inside me will be out in the world - crying, moving, pooping, spitting up, smiling, cooing and making and bringing additional chaos and adventures to my already busy life. My days will not be filled only with Taden-and-mommy time. I will not be able to hold him indefinitely when I want to, when he is sick, or just because he is so cute sleeping. I will not be able to just hang out on the couch for hours reading book after book that he pulls off of the shelf. I will have another little person to occupy my time, attention, and energy. Though, I am beyond excited to meet our little girl, it hit me that with her arrival I will lose some of that Taden-and-mommy time I love so much.

When all these realizations hit me today, I felt bad. I felt bad for wishing this little girl would come yesterday. I felt bad wishing away this very moment just to get her out of me so that I could feel more comfortable. I felt bad for not living in the moment and enjoying the time and all the blessings I have today. So, though I am excited to get her out of me and meet her, today I am most excited to spend one more day with my main little guy. He truly is the light of my life and I love being his mommy!! Now let’s go play…

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