I am not exactly sure why I used that as the title of this post as I have actually never seen a single Star Wars movie (gasp, I know!). But, I think that is what I have been doing to myself lately to try and get this baby out. With the last few weeks months of pregnancy come the wonderful side effect of not being able to sleep. My lack of sleep is due to constant runs (sometimes I am literally running) to the bathroom, I have to physically wake myself up to roll from side to side because ‘rolling’ doesn’t happen at this point, and then other times I just wake up because my mind never stops nesting. Sleep is few these days, but I guess all in preparation for my near future! So, back to the mind trick thing, as I sit there wide awake each night, I have been finding my mind working so hard. My mind is so focused on my body… “contract, contract, contract.” “Contract, contract, contract.” Then at some point the begging begins, “pleeeaassee contract,” “just one small contraction, but I can handle the big ones if they want to begin as well.” “Contract, contract, contract.” I truly think my mind is trying to play Jedi tricks on my body, is this normal? An even better question, could it work?

-Signed desperate pregnancy woman…



^^I am literally losing my mind from my lack of sleep.


I am probably the worst “selfie” picture-taker. I will work on that. But, seriously, I am losing my mind waiting for her!! Come soon baby girl!!

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  1. She will come! I promise! So sorry you can't sleep. Sleep deprivation really is awful.



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