… soon-to-be four!!

Since our baby girl decided to not make her appearance this weekend, we took full advantage of our last moments just the three of us and this beautiful spring-like weather we found ourselves in (I know it totally was a tease and winter will be here again shortly – I actually saw flurries today). Here are some photo ops from our visit to the park.










^^Holy smokes!! Can I get any bigger?! This is me one day before my due date… come on baby girl we can’t wait to meet you!!



^^Those blue eyes melt me every day (do not mind the snot running down his face).


Though, I am beyond excited to get this little one out of me (both for selfish and excited reasons!!), I am grateful for one more weekend with my boys. Friday we enjoyed a fun evening at Jump and Jacks, an amazing indoor playground, that involved a wild, energetic kiddo running around the place until he literally crashed into my arms, thumb in mouth and head on shoulder. He didn’t make it more than five minutes in the car before he zonked out.

Saturday afternoon Geoff and Tate headed to the west side of town to pick up a large stash of Hot Wheel cars. Like I have said before, the little guy is obsessed with these fast, little things. Geoff found ‘a guy’ (sounds super shady, I know) that has a garage, literally his entire garage, full of Hot Wheels and train sets and sells them in bulk. Geoff said when he and Tate walked into the man’s garage Tate’s eyes literally lit up and he was pushing off of Geoff so hard to put him on the ground so he could get his hands on these fun, little toys. Geoff purchased a bulk of 100 and there has not been one second the past two days where at least one car has not been in his hands and running around saying, “ca-ca.”

We ended our exciting weekend with church Sunday afternoon, which included Nursery, songs and playtime, and yummy cookies from the “Cookie Grandma.” After church I threw myself a little “it’s my due date” party with this and this adorable, little family. I gave Geoff two options, #1 – let me throw myself a little party or #2 – let me cry all day because she is not here yet. He opted for #1 and it was the perfect distraction!!

This little girl will be here soon and our family will turn into a family of four (which Geoff and I keep calling a ‘legit family’). I am excited for her arrival, but grateful for my last (better be!!) weekend with my boys. Here is to an exciting week… hopefully spent in a hospital for a portion of it.


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