^^ Tate found this race track under the Christmas tree and it has entertained him for hours the past month. BUT, even better, I purchased a package of Hot Wheel Cars last week and now I really cannot pry him away from this track set. The Hot Wheels zoom down the track so much faster than the plastic Fisher Price cars, which makes the set way ‘cooler.’ I guess I earned “best mom” award, at least for last week.

Also, as you can see we are quite obsessed with the bed head look these days. I do not know what to do with his hair!! He hates, HATES getting his haircut and I do not feel like torturing him every few weeks for a trim and so I have been ‘letting it go,’ but most days it is just a mess. I hope I am better at taming girls hair than little boys.

photo (38)


^^Last week we had a special visit from my cousin Matt. He is so good with Tate and Tate just curled up in his lap ready to snuggle with him and read book, after book, after book.

PicMonkey Collage2

^^In case you were not aware from previous posts on this blog, I am pregnant!! (total shock, I know!!) Sorry for all the bump pictures lately. At least I will not be the only one ecstatic when she arrives, as pictures of my belly will cease!


^^One afternoon Tate was just wandering around the house pointing out all the Christmas decorations I had forgotten to put away. Where were you like a month ago?! Back to the basement to pull out boxes this prego mama goes…


^^This picture was too cute not to share!! He is going through a major growth spurt right now and so he is chunking up!! Once he started walking/running everywhere he lost most of his rolls. Well, they are back and I love it!! It will be sad to see them leave again when he starts to lengthen out.


^^Super blurry, but had to share!! A picture post-naptime with my “cheesy” little boy.

photo (43)

^^Just lounging around on a Saturday afternoon watching Shark Tank. I left the iPad on the bed and this is how I found him. Our future entrepreneur?!

photo (35)

^^Date night (iPhone quality)!! All dressed up for Geoff’s annual recognition work party. I am so proud of all my husbands hard work for our family. He is amazing at what he does and should be proud of his many accomplishments this year!


^^We recently purchased a little table and chair set. He loves sitting in his chair like Mommy and Daddy and just read his books. It is about the cutest thing! And goldfish make everything better, right?!

photo (37)

^^It has been like Christmas at our house lately!! At least it has been for me (my husband would completely disagree!). We have been receiving at a minimum two packages per day of things for the baby. Many of the packages have required assembly, see post here, which always gets my dear husband excited (sarcasm)!


^^Saturdays are for building forts under the dining room table with Dad. I wish this picture was better and really captured how much fun these two were having. I was too lazy to move my big, prego body around the floor to find the perfect angle. This was the angle I started and ended with.

PicMonkey Collage


^^We love playing in our diaper in the sheets. I may be a bit bias, but I do not think he can get any cuter!!

Snowy days and sub-zero temperatures have not been keeping The Stevens’ from having fun inside!! Though, warmer, spring weather can appear at any time and I will not complain.

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