Warning: Too much information is included in this post and the length is quite obnoxious. Continue at your own risk, but you have been warned!

In the spirit of an upcoming birth story, I thought I would reminisce about Taden’s here. Sorry in advance! But, to make this post easier I set it up as a timeline. That will not cut down on the length and amount of detail involved, so sit back, relax and make sure you have plenty of food and water supply!

Taden’s arrival to this earth…

8/27 3:00ishAM – One minute I was in a dead sleep and the next I was literally on the floor on all fours. What I was feeling was no Braxton Hicks! It came and then was gone. I sat on the floor for a couple of minutes wondering ‘what was that’ but I had a good feeling about what it was.

8/27 3:30ishAM to 5:30AM – At this point I was wide awake. I went to the living room and turned on the TV to monitor these crazy things pulsing through my body. A Nancy Reagan special was thankful on TV to help keep me entertained in between contractions. The contractions were super irregular, but when they came on they made their presence known and literally made me jump off of the couch.

8/27 5:30AM – Geoff’s alarm went off. I quietly walked into the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. He looked at me confused. I told him of my happenings the past 2ish hours, but that I did not want to make false claims and I told him to head into work and I would call him if anything “really” progressed. **side note: The day was a Monday. I had completed my last day of work the Friday before and this day was to be my “relax” day. So much for relaxing… but nonetheless I had planned on being home all day.

8/27 6:30AM – Geoff left for work. At this point the contractions were still far apart. I decided to jump in the shower and get myself ready for the day, in case the day decided to be a big day. At this point I called our doula to let her know I was having somewhat regular contractions, but I was fine at this point. I wanted everyone to stay put because I didn’t want to make the “I-am-in-labor call” when I really wasn’t.

8/27 7:45AM – I called Geoff and our doula back and told them I was ready to make “the call.” I was definitely in labor at this point!!

8/27 8:30AM – Geoff and our doula walked into our house ready for the day! By this point the contractions were more regular (I honestly do not remember how regular as I was not timing them per se but basing my advancements on the intensity of the contractions – and they were intense!).

8/27 9:00ish AM – This was the day of Taden’s “actual” due date (How crazy?! My husband was not surprised at all! My personality is ultra-ultra-planner, “and so of course he would come on the date you planned” is always his remark!). I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to check his overall status – size, health, progression, etc. – at 10:30AM. At this point I knew I was in real labor based on the timing and intensity of my contractions (and other symptoms, but I will spare you those details), and so I called my doctor’s office to alert them of my labor progression and that I would not be in for my appointment but would be in later to have a baby!!

8/27 10ishAM – 1:30PM – I remained at home with my husband and doula. We were all very calm and their was a peaceful presence in our home. I had planned to have a natural birth, so the plan was to labor at home for as long as possible as to remain comfortable. I tried different positions (i.e. rocking in the rocking chair, sitting on the medicine ball, leaning against the kitchen counter) and walked around the neighborhood to help release some of the pressure and take my mind off of things. The contractions were regular and intense when they came on, but manageable.

8/27 1:45PM – We started really timing my contractions and noticed they were getting closer and closer in time. By 2:00PM our doula advised us that we should to head to the hospital soon.

8/27 2:15PM – On our way to the hospital to have a baby!! We called my doctor’s office to alert them of my progress and that we were headed in. My OB practice was connected to the hospital I was delivering at and so they told us to come to the office to get a ‘labor check’ versus triage in the hospital since it was during office hours.

8/27 3:30PM – Finally (even longer story, I will spare the details!) received my ‘labor check’ from my doctor in which she pronounced me at 7 centimeters and began quickly trying to find a wheelchair to rush me to the hospital side. I did not want a random nurse to have to wheel me to the hospital while Geoff moved our car around. He was my support person, my rock the entire day. I insisted I would rather stay with Geoff.

8/27 3:45PM – Geoff and I quickly got in our car in the office suite parking garage, he pulled up to the front entrance of the hospital to drop me off, I stood outside the entrance, bracing myself against the wall during each contraction (which were quite close at this point) while a random, wide-eyed woman stood there staring at me. Geoff quickly parked the car and we made our way up to the maternity flood. Our doula was not far behind us.

Once we got to the maternity floor, the nurses insisted I be wheeled to my labor & delivery room. Upon our arrival in the room, I underwent all the routine processes (i.e. blood pressure, draw blood, monitor the baby’s heart rate). When the nurse began prepping me to receive my hep-lock I stopped her for a quick second, looked her in the eye and told her I was really nervous and scared of needles. At that moment she then looked back at me with a bewildered look and said, “Honey, you are in full-term labor, in the transition period, without any drugs. This needle will be nothing too worry about.” I suppose she was right.

8/27 4:15PM – By this point all the tests and normal procedures were complete. A large tub was pulled into my L&D room and I finally felt some relaxation upon my entrance into it. The warm water and buoyancy of the water was so much relief. I remained in the tub the next hour and 45 minutes, with the exception of monitoring the baby’s heart rate at one point.

8/27 6:00PM – Now for the big climax of the entire day. I was ready to push!! Nothing like the movies where the women are all sweaty, give out a couple of big screams and POP comes the baby. There was little drama and few screams. 

8/27 7:00PM – Still pushing… I was very in control of my body and pushed when I was ready. Because I did not have an epidural and baby was doing well,  the nurses let me push and progress at my own pace. I cannot say enough about our saint of a nurse. She was incredible!! She fanned me with a paper fan the entire time I pushed. I know her arm was killing her, but she did not stop. She was so kind and patient. L&D nurses will definitely have a special place arranged for them after this life. Truly saints!!

8/27 8:30PM – The pushing was finally over after two hours… and we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy – Taden Andrew Stevens!!

Geoff and I bonded with our new, little prince for some time and when things finally settled down we invited all of our family waiting to meet our new son. The room was filled with love, tears and lots of cameras. Evidenced below…

^^Came in a family of two, headed home a family of three!!

I am totally one of those women that hates being pregnant and basically complains the entire pregnancy (my poor husband). But, I really love the delivery experience. It truly is a miracle what our bodies can accomplish. It was an amazing experience and I am excited to have another one SOON!!

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