Yesterday was my first day solo/alone/unaccompanied with the two kiddos. This day was huge! The day I have been thinking about and mentally preparing for for months. To break down my day and all the events I am linking up HERE for 7 Quick Takes. **Excuse all the iPhone pictures. I barely could capture these grainy, dark images throughout the day!

-- 1 --

I survived the day of endless diaper changes of two babes. Within one hour of the two kiddos up, Tate was in 3 different diapers and Maddie 4!! I miss another set of motherly hands cleaning these babes bums. Considering investing in Pampers…


-- 2 --

The past couple of weeks I have been so impressed with Tate. Before Maddie arrived I was really, really worried about him. He was going through a ‘hitting phase’ and ‘throwing-everything phase’ (and some days we are still working on it). “How in the world am I going to protect my big babe from hitting, throwing, chucking all things at my little, newborn baby?!” was all I kept thinking about. “How am I going to care for my two children when I am playing defense all day?!” I really was worried, but Tate has completely surprised me. He has been so great with his little sister. I mean great in a way that he just ignores her 99% of the day, but I will take that over the alternative!

In rare moments throughout the day, though, I catch Tate lightly touching or petting her. Sometimes he just goes over to the area she is sitting and stares at her, studies her. I have not pushed any interaction between the two of them because I want him to bond with her on his own time, but my heart just melts when I see them together.

image (2)image_1 (2)

^^First she got a glare from him … and then he decided to hold her hand. (…heart just melting…) This is their favorite ‘hang out’ place. Whenever she is sitting under this play mat Tate has to join her. It is very sweet.

-- 3 --

My accomplishments by 11:00AM: Showered, brushed my hair and dabbled my face with a little make-up, put on clean clothes and managed to obtain only a few spit-up marks on them, fed Maddie over and over again and Tate even got breakfast (leftover pancakes and bacon with a side of yogurt – not too bad!), both kiddos bums got cleaned over and over again (see #1 above), folded 1/2 load of laundry and managed to put it away, drove cars and trucks across the hardwood floor and over and under couches all while repeating Vroom, Vroom…, read 2 1/2 books and made lots and lots of animal sounds, managed to dress both kids and they remained in the same outfit the entire morning, packed the diaper bag of all essentials and back-up essentials we may need during our one-hour outing, buckled both kids in the car – without any tears!! (major accomplishment), and headed to play group to give me a few extra helping hands!!


^^Here we go!!

-- 4 --

Every Thursday we meet our church friends for play group. Each week we meet up at different places around the city and yesterday just happened to be a McDonald’s play area. We had been to this play area before with this group when I was pregnant but as a hugely pregnant woman, see HERE, I never let Taden explore the BIG play area in fear he would get scared halfway through and need me to rescue him (which would not happen with my big belly!). Therefore, we mainly stayed in one area that had three stairs to a small slide he could do completely on his own. Easy!

I decided it was time yesterday. It was time to let my big baby venture out of mama’s little bubble and to see what he could do. I was super nervous because in my mind I really did not think he could get all the way through the big play area. It is big! Like two stories tall big!! And once you get to the top you do not just climb through protective little tubes with windows to see your mom down below, it is all thick rope you climb across. Rope that wobbles and moves as you are climbing through. It would be scary for me!! I was nervous for my babe, but I lengthened the leash on him and let him go.

He climbed up all the stairs by himself. Check, part I complete! Next the wobbly ropes. He put his hand out and then put it back. That was different, I am sure he thought, but I can do it. He put his hand back out and began to climb all the way across, slowly but he did it all by myself never hesitating! Check, part II and the hardest part complete! Next the slide, easy! He came down the slide with the biggest smile and look of accomplishment on his face. He was so excited!! I was so proud of him. So proud of him!! I really did not think he would be able to complete it all, but he did. What a big boy!! I am grateful he made it all the way through as I do not think I am quite in the state to be rescuing him in small tubes, but I am also do not think I am ready for him to grow up!

-- 5 --

After play group we had snuggle time with this little guy. I am so grateful he has such a loving personality. He loves, loves to gives hugs and kisses, even to complete strangers (still working on ‘stranger danger’). I just love his sweet personality and am trying to cherish all his snuggles because I know one day he will know it is not “cool” to snuggle with your mama and these moments will be rare.

image_1 (3)

^^Mom and big babe selfie!

image (3)

Then I get this cue… off to nap he is whisked away!!

-- 6 --

Geoff surprised me home early. He called earlier in the day to see if he could have a later meeting. The kids had been mainly calm and overall I was having a good day so I said yes. … But, he came home early anyway!! Yippee!! We all love when he is home. Since it was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist hitting the park before dinner time.

image (4)

Geoff introduced Tate to the teeter totter and he refused to get off for 20 minutes!! Geoff was really bouncing him up and down and he was loving it!! It is really strange to see his growth since last Fall playing on the playground. It is amazing how much they grow and learn in a few short months (though, winter has not felt like a few short months!!).

image_1 (4)image_2

^^We are all about face first lately!! He totally does this on his own. He has no fear which puts a lot of fear in his mama!!

-- 7 --

After the park we ended the night with yummy leftovers (thanks to wonderful mothers helping cook for us the past week and half!!) and since we were covered in our dinner (I guess we all were not, just Tate) off to the bath we went! I wish I remembered to take a picture during dinner time… your imagination will have to do for this one!


We all survived our first day together, alone! Thanks to helping hands during play group, a wonderful husband surprising me home early and a fridge full of food from great mothers we made it! Here’s to hoping tomorrow goes just a well...


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