I guess this post needs a disclaimer (sorry I have been using warnings/disclaimers a lot lately!!). This post should be titled Best Baby Shower Gift for the Nursing Mother. The life of a nursing mother of a newborn is basically spent on the couch, in a rocking chair, or wherever her choice of comfortable seating is. Newborn babies eat/drink on average 8-12 times a day, with each feeding taking approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour++. That can be almost half your day!! There are some essentials every nursing mother needs and I have composed the best list for you!


  1. Nursing Cover – I am not one of those mamas that feels comfortable exposing it all to the world. Some do, and more power to them! When I am out in public a nursing cover is a must for me and I only use Udder Covers. I love their patterns AND you can find a F-R-E-E coupon for any of their covers in most maternity stores and magazines. My doctors office even had free coupons for them!! All you have to pay for is shipping and handling. They all have the wire top which helps you stay covered and assist your baby, if needed. Let me know if you can’t find a coupon and I will hit you up with one!
  2. Lanolin – For new moms and old moms this is a must. It takes time for your nipples to get ‘tough’ for all the latching on and off, sucking, pulling, etc. that they will incur. The hospital will provide you with this - use it! Lather yourself up. Even if you are not in pain yet, put it on to prevent more pain, cracking, bleeding (will spare you more details) than you will already experience.
  3. Boppy Pillow – I have used the Boppy with my children but also recommend the Brest Friend. These pillows make nursing easier and more comfortable. Surrounding yourself with pillows will also do, but who wants to organize 12 pillows around themselves at 3AM when you can wrap one of these pillows around you in .001 seconds. Easy decision for me.
  4. Nursing Pads – This may be TMI for those yet-to-be-initiated nursing mamas, but you will leak… like everywhere. All the time. You will leak while nursing your baby, walking out of the shower, hearing your baby cry, and maybe even hearing another baby cry. Like I said, all the time. These little pads will become your secret to a dry shirt. I have tried many different brands and found the Target brand to be the best quality for the price. Stock up on these!
  5. Entertainment – Like I said earlier, you will be spending hours upon hours each day sitting and nursing your sweet baby. Magazines, recent bestsellers, iPhone, remote control… you get the idea. You will need something or many things to occupy your time.
  6. Breast Pump – This is an investment, but totally worth it! Before you make the big plunge, though, check with your insurance company or work to see if a breast pump is covered. Most places of employment and insurance companies are advocating women to breastfeed and therefore are beginning to provide us with the essentials in order to be successful. I was able to have my former place of employment pay for this pump with Taden and our insurance company offered to pay for the same pump for this pregnancy. I love the Medela breast pump I have! I used it while I worked a few months with Taden and through all the engorgement periods! You will be glad you invested in it.
  7. Water Bottle – I cannot give this product a review just yet, but I plan on purchasing it ASAP. I saw it on Shark Tank last week and feel in love with the product. It is a fruit infused water bottle and the entire company was started from a kid! We love supporting small, entrepreneurial businesses and this looks like a great one. Even if you do not add this bottle to your nursing gift set, a water bottle is a must as it is easy to get dehydrated while nursing. For the first few months of nursing Tate I struggled with severe headaches. It took me awhile to connect the dots, but my headaches were the result of not in taking enough water. Once I kept a water bottle next to me while nursing, frequently sipping, my headaches ceased. Take it from me, you will either be investing in a water bottle or Tylenol.
  8. Snacks – Research states you can burn up to 500 calories a day breastfeeding (one of the great benefits of nursing!). While nursing you will need to up your calorie intake, just as your liquid intake, to keep up with your hungry babe. You need to remain healthy to take care of your baby, so make sure you are eating and drinking well.

And if you are a really good friend/spouse/gift giver…

  1. Foot Massager

I am grateful for the opportunity and working body to nurse my children. I love the bond I am able to create with them through the experience and I know it truly contains the best nutrients for your child. It is not always easy to nurse your babe, though. I battled Thrush with Taden for the first month and it was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. I was about to give up when things took a turn for the better, but it was hard, hard, hard! In the end you have to do what is best for you and your baby. I hope this list helps make things a bit easier. Enjoy your new bundle!


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