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These days it is hard to make plans as I am hoping any minute now we are in a hospital holding our little girl. I know our near future holds a significant amount of weekend “in” nights feeding a little babe, rocking her to sleep, changing diapers and more diapers and trying to catch some sleep in between all of that. I do not see hot date nights out with the hubby in my mirror ball. Though, we may be seeing the inside of our four walls a little more, it does not mean every weekend night should be filled with the same monotonous activities.

This weekend we turned our usual game night festivities with this couple into a yummy fondue night. We usually do not eat a large dinner before game night as lots of snacks are involved throughout the evening, but boy was I glad I skipped dinner this night!! This was such an easy, creative idea that can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes.

What you will need:

  1. chocolate melts – we used these melts
  2. crunchy peanut butter
  3. dippers (see ideas below)

What you will do:

  1. melt chocolates in fondue pot OR to make it easier melt in the microwave!!
  2. add in a dapple of peanut butter, to taste


  1. strawberries
  2. banana slices
  3. cherries
  4. pineapple chunks
  5. apple wedges
  6. graham crackers
  7. cake cubes (pound cake, angel food cake, red velvet cake, cheese cake)
  8. brownie cubes
  9. pretzel sticks
  10. marshmallows
  11. donut holes
  12. cookies (shortbread, Oreos, biscotti)

Dippers can be almost anything in your cupboard or refrigerator. Raid what you have and be creative! If you always have a little stock of chocolate melts, this is an “in” date night idea you can pull together almost any night you are looking to spruce things up.


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^^Love this girl!! All pictures taken from her.

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