Everyone has been asking me how Maddie is doing? How is she sleeping? How is she feeding? How are we all adjusting? I felt somewhat guilty answering these questions the first couple of weeks because life was great! She came out of the womb starving and immediately knowing where her food source came from. Since then she has continued to be a great eater and gaining weight as she should and more! And, on top of that, she was an amazing sleeper the first few weeks. I usually try and feed her around 9PM, which then puts us all in bed by 10PM, and she doesn’t wake up again until somewhere between 2:00-2:30AM. Yes, you read that correctly!! She gives me a 4+ hour stretch of sleep, a whole REM cycle!! After her first nightly feed she then doesn’t wake up until somewhere between 5:30-6AM. This girl is an incredible night sleeper!! She was also a great day sleeper the first few weeks, which I know is normal-coma-like-newborn-sleep. She would sleep for an hour or so stretch, feed, play a little and then start the process over again. She was a perfect little baby …

then, things took a turn….

I hate complaining about this, because she still is a wonderful night sleeper, but the days have been brutal! Now after her second night feed around 5:30/6AM, she will wake up a couple more times before 11AM to feed, but then she is back to her coma-like sleep. Nothing will get her up. She is just out for hours! Then around noon she becomes alive! Literally!! And she does not zonk back out  until around 8PM!! She will take brief 15ish minute naps, but even those are few. And, to make things worse, all she wants is to be held (I know, shame on me for complaining about holding my newborn!!). I can get 5 minute stretches out of her here and there, but other than that she will cry if someone is not holding her. I have become a fast laundry-folder, grocery-unloader, diaper-changer as I only have 5 minutes or less!!

I really do hate complaining because she is a great night sleeper, which has attributed to my non-zombie-like state (thank you, thank you), but I make up for it by sitting on the couch ALL DAY holding her. I also do hate complaining about holding my little, newborn baby, but sometimes people have to get fed around her, or clothed, or ever better diapers need changed sometimes!! I love holding my little one, but these mamas arms need even an hour break!!


I know this is a stage. A phase. And I know it too shall pass one day. So… here is to looking on the bright side of things. I have a beautiful baby girl I get to hold in my arms. I have a beautiful place for us to live in, though it is hard to see the beauty through the unruly mess that clutters the floors most days. I love my life and all the chaos that surrounds me!!



^^Isn’t she just an angel?! So thankful to be her mama!!






I am one blessed mama!!


**All pictures taken by this talented girl. See more pictures from our newborn shoot here and later this week!! Check back.

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  1. Do you want to try my mei tai? Ellie lived in that thing!

  2. love these - you look like a wonderful mama.



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