My friend Elisabeth received this amazing Infinity Nursing Scarf in the mail. This girl has an awesome-much-bigger-than-me-blog and so receiving random items in the mail is not usual for her as many companies send her items in hopes she will feature them on her blog. Since she is not yet a mother, let alone a nursing mother she graciously passed the scarf onto me (she is a great friend, for many, many reasons!!). Since the scarves did not get featured on her blog I thought I would feature them on here since they are a-mazing!!

I do not know about any other mother’s diaper/purse bag, but mine is filled to the max! On most days it is heavier than my 10+ pound newborn and 20+ pound car seat together!! The idea of sticking one less thing in it is music to my ears. Therefore, when Elisabeth passed these scarves my way I was sure to try them out and throw my old nursing cover out of my bag. Since then, I have been sold! They are easy to wear, super stylish, come in many colors to mix and match with any outfit, and seamless to switch into a cover to use while nursing. The fabric is soft and lightweight and is not super bulky to get in the way of feeding time. I am super grateful for Elisabeth passing these my way and introducing me to the genius idea of a nursing scarf!





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Check out these amazing scarves HERE.

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  1. That makes a lovely scarf, and definitely handy that it converts to a nursing cover, too!



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