So, we have officially been initiated into the parent-of-two-children club. The days of tag-teaming when our one child awoke in the wee hours of the night are over! Yesterday we experienced our first night (I’m sure of many!) where Tate woke up crying out and as-if on cue Madelyn began crying. Welcome to the club is all I heard ringing in my ears (oh, and of course the crying babies)! Geoff and I looked at each other, rolled out of bed and officially became initiated. Here we go…


Though it was a very long night between the two babes, I truly did cherish the late, dark hours snuggling with them and rocking them to sleep. I love this rocking chair. This rocking chair was my great-grandmothers. It was added to Taden’s nursery when I was pregnant with him and was the perfect addition. It is an amazing chair, in impeccable shape, beautifully designed and with rich history. Last night, as I sat in the chair, rocking my babies I thought about that history. I thought about my great-grandmother and grandmother and all the other women who have used this chair. I thought about the power and strength of these women. Though I love being a mother, I will be the first to admit it is not always easy. As a mother you are needed all day and all night, literally. You are there to feed them, dress them, clean up the snot running down their faces and/or other bodily fluids in places they shouldn’t be. You are their friend, their advocate, the one to give endless hugs and kisses. You are their disciplinarian, their teacher. You are there to always give compliments and words of encouragement, with few in return. You are their everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love caring for my children and I love and am beyond grateful to be with them every day at home. But some days are hard. As I sat in this old rocking chair for hours last night I thought about all the women before me. I thought about their power and strength to raise such amazing members of my family tree. I am sure things were not always easy for them, but they had the strength to be powerful mothers and raise wonderful sons and daughters. I am grateful for their examples. Last night I learned a lot from this old rocking chair and I hope to learn and find more strength from it (even if it does mean late hours with my little ones).


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This seriously is a little piece of heaven on earth (that we did not witness last night, but that is okay!). I just love these two little ones to pieces!! #luckiestmom


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