I am the only mom that dreads this hour???? The dinner-prep hour. The hour kids are beginning to fight the tiredness starting to come on. The hour you are trying to put away and clean up the chaos from the day before your husband walks in the door. The hour you are trying to brush your hair (sometimes for the first time) to make it look like you have been put together all day. Most days I feel like I have majority of my days’ pieces together, that is until 5 o’clock hits and everything turns into a mess!

Tonight was no exception! I think tonight was even worse than usual because all day my kids were sweet angels. Mondays are hard for Tate because he gets a shortened or no nap on Sundays due to our church service hour being 1-4PM (which equals the naptime hour for the majority of all toddlers!!). Therefore, we usually play catch up on Mondays in the nap department. This morning he took a 2 1/2 hour nap (which usually he takes NO nap in the morning) and Maddie decided to nap at the same time (double score!!). When Tate finally decided to wake up (actually I woke him up) he independently played to himself and was very chill and rather pleasant, and even went down for another 1 1/2 hour nap late this afternoon!. Maddie decided she also wanted to continue to sleep the rest of the afternoon (I think the 3 week growth spurt has arrived), which made for an even quieter, calmer day. Everything was running smoothly… that is

UNTIL………… 5 o’clock!!

Maddie had been awake for an hour or so. She was being quite fussy with wanting to feed and feed and then would cry and cry and then burp and burp and then spit up and spit up and then start the feed all over again. This continued for over an hour. Tate decided to finally wake up around 5. As soon as I turned the corner to his room I was hit with the strong aroma of poop. I entered his room and literally almost gagged due to the even stronger scent at this point. On to the changing table he immediately went! It was a bad one!! After the change (and hand washing!) I quickly popped a frozen pot pie in the oven (see yummy recipe HERE)… basically my only accomplishment for this hour (even though I ended up burning it!). Tate was able to entertain himself for a few minutes, so back to Maddie I went. She now had a dirty diaper. Back to the changing table (thankfully newborns poop doesn’t smell like much of anything). After changing her diaper, back to feeding, fussiness, burping, and spitting up we go! Then all of sudden I hear and feel a few noises come from Maddie again. Back to the changing table for the third time in 20 minutes! Finally, everyone is clean and fed and dinner is cooking. Life is good… until I see Tate in the corner making grunting noises. Over and over and over again… seriously kid?! In the span of 50 minutes I changed 5 diapers. How is that much waste stored up in my kids?! And why did it all have to come out at the exact same time??

When my dear husband walked in the door he could tell he was encountering chaos. Because Tate’s last diaper change was the biggest he had ever had he needed an immediate bath. Maddie was still trying to decide if she wanted to feed or cry and frustration was written all over my face. Geoff immediately took the burning dinner out of the oven, threw Tate in the bath, and then fed Tate and himself (even with the best intentions dinner around the table as a family is not always possible!). After he could tell Maddie was settling down he told me to leave. He told me to go to Panera, pick up my favorite smoothie and just check my email, get on Facebook or Pinterest, surf the web or even curl up in a corner of the restaurant and sleep for an hour. Just get out and step away for a bit.

image (5)

I obviously obliged!

I am grateful for an amazing husband who recognizes when I am overwhelmed and when things are just too much. I am grateful he knows what I need to unwind and provides me with those opportunities. How did I get so lucky?!

Though 5 o’clock around The Stevens household is usually filled with utter chaos we usually always survive! I am grateful for these three and all the love and happiness they give to me, even through all the craziness (and poop)!!

PicMonkey Collage




**All pictures taken from this talented girl (going to miss her beyond words!!).

Check back later this week for more pictures from our photo shoot of Maddie this past weekend.


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