Warning: Crazy rant of a hormonal, recently post-due pregnant woman. You have been warned…

My adorable, little son Tate turned 18-months on February 27th. For those that keep up with this blog, you also are aware I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Madelyn, on March 4th. That means I have two babies under the age of two. As any mother who just gave birth to the little angel she had been carrying for 9+ months I am overjoyed, thrilled, and completely in love. But, one thing that is constantly bringing me down are comments from others. With the birth of little Tate I constantly heard remarks such as “congratulations” or “you are so lucky” or “how blessed are you.” Since Madelyn’s birth I have rarely heard comments such as that, but instead hear comments like “wow, you are going to be busy” or “how are you going to do everything” or “I spaced my kids out so I could enjoy them.” I know my life is going to be busy. I know “everything” will still get done, even if it means in the wee hours of the night. And, the last comment (which I really have received a couple of times) is just hurtful. I will enjoy my kids just as much as any mother at any age. These comments are frustrating to me. I wish I would receive more comments of congratulatory excitement because that is how I truly feel. I am beyond excited to be a mother of two. I am so thankful to have been able to get pregnant so quickly because it took us quite some time with Tate. I am excited my children are so close in age because they will get to grow up together and will always have a playmate, a buddy. The past two weeks have yes been exhausting adjusting, but they have been some of the best times watching my two sweet children get to know each other and bond. I know this bond and friendship will only grow stronger and how exciting that will be to watch. I am humbled to be their mother and thankful I have two children under the age of two. How much fun it will be!!


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^^”See Mom, I can play nice!!”


**again, sorry for the crazy-lady rant!! I will try to not let it happen often … but no promises!

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  1. Oh Casey! You guys have an amazing family! It is growing just as it needs to and you are too! Your wonderful children are such a blessing! Here's to enjoying the ride!

  2. I'm still sad that my second girl didn't get a baby shower/celebration just because she was "another girl," so I can relate I think. :)

    I have very similar photos of my girls. So cute.



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