Earlier this week I decided to venture out of the house and take the two kiddos with me to the grocery store. I was getting desperate as we had zero fresh produce in the house and meal options were getting few. The first thing I did was say a few prayers that we would all survive. I have linked up with 7 Quick Takes to tell the rest of our Grocery Adventures

**again, sorry for the grainy, awful quality iPhone pictures. it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

-- 1 --

After saying a few prayers that we would all survive, and that there would be no explosive diaper changes needed while we were out, no complete meltdowns (little ones are okay and expected), and that this trip would not turn me crazy, I quickly fed Maddie, filled my purse with secret weapons for Tate (a.k.a snacks, snacks, and more snacks), dressed everyone for the never-ending winter weather around here, and then buckled everyone in the car. Oh, and one last prayer was said before pulling out of the drive. Here we go!!

image_1 (3)

-- 2 --

When most people pull into a store parking lot they look for the closest parking spot to the entrance. As a mother, especially a mother of two (one in a car seat and another a walker/runner-that-rarely-holds-your-hand-while-walking/running), you do not look for the closest spot to the entrance but instead the closest spot to the cart console area in the parking lot. This allows me to plot my kiddos right in the cart and prevents me from lugging my running toddler through the parking lot, all while carrying my 30+ pound car seat and suitcase of a diaper bag.

Whenever we go to grocery store, shopping only happens if there is a car-cart available. You know, one of those ginormous carts mamas push around, in hopes of it entertaining their little one while they try and pick up at least half their items on their list before chaos breaks lose. Well, with Tate the only way shopping happens is with one of those carts.

So… our family pulls into the parking lot, I chose one aisle to pull down, locate the cart console, pull closer to it and CHA-CHING!! they have a car-cart waiting right there for us!! First prayer answer during our trip.


-- 3 --

Have you seen these little snack containers for toddlers?


Pure genius! They are containers with a lid on top that allows little ones to put their hands in them and pull out a few snacks at a time without dumping all the contents on the floor. I love these and are a must!! I usually have at least one container in my purse at all times but not this time! Ugh!! I only had a container with a solid lid that opens and allows all the contents to freely to fall out at any time. This desperate mama was willing to give it a try and in a state of complete desperation I handed it to Tate. At first he excitedly grabbed the container and ate from it. This lasted a few minutes and then all of a sudden I heard shaking noises. Seriously?!

**no picture as I quickly cleaned up the mess and ran out of that situation ASAP!

-- 4 --

Speaking of running. I was explaining our Grocery Adventures to my husband later that evening. I told him that I figured out the secret to shopping with kids! (1) You have to have the store memorized. (2) You also have to have your list memorized. (3) You cannot stop. You basically have to run through the store to attempt to finish before any major meltdown. and (4) Because you cannot stop moving, you cannot compare brands, prices, check for sales, or even check for spoiled produce. There will be no time for that. We will be saying more prayers over our food in hopes it is not spoiled!

**sorry again, no pictures of me running through the store!

-- 5 --

Another secret to surviving the grocery store with kids is snacks!! And lots of them!!

To demonstrate, below are a few pictures of Tate pre-snacks:

image_3 (2)


… And now a demonstration of behavior after snacks. Yes, I bribe my kids.

image_2 (2)

image_1 (2)

-- 6 --

The next answered prayer during our trip was as I was making my way to the check-out lines, BAM an open line!! I do not know how I would have done it otherwise, as the kids were beginning to break down. It was a long trip and they were spent and this mama was too. AND, I even had a nice bagger help me to my car and helped me unload. I was so grateful! (below is a picture of Maddie in the cart pre-groceries, but Maddie in the cart post-grocery-pick-up was mainly groceries and no Maddie!!)

image (2)

-- 7 --


The ride home…

The last and final part of our Grocery Adventures = unloading the car and unpacking the bags. I completely forgot about this part of the trip until we arrived home. I definitely did not have time nor energy for this and the kids were extremely demanding my attention at this point. Both of these tasks may or may not have happened for some time. I guess we will have to say extra, extra prayers over our food in hopes nothing has spoiled too much!!


All in all we survived!! And, we checked another “first” off of our list together as three. I am grateful to spend my days with these two, but even more grateful for when my husband comes home and I have an extra set of hands!!

Here’s to only doing this once a month!!

On another note, what will you be doing this weekend?? I will be watching this historic meeting Saturday 8 p.m. EST, where will you be?! Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired and uplifted.


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  1. love the picture of the little guy in the grocery store car. so cute :)

  2. I can't believe you made it through the grocery store when the little one is less than a month! Super mom!



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