A few weeks ago I did a post on what I was packing for my luxurious stay at The Hospital Inn (aka Maternity Ward). Since my stay, I have a few additions I would like to include for those that find this stuff important or just for my future baby-making-self.

So, here we go…


  1. Bath towel – The towels they provided were seriously the length of my arm. One arm. There was no way I could wrap the towel around my body, let alone my just-post-baby-delivering-body! And, they were also the width of a paper towel, and probably absorbs less. Just bring a towel.
  2. Your own pillow – The hospital will provide endless pillows for you to use to sleep with, or in my case on because the bed was so horrible, but nothing can make you feel more comfortable than your own pillow.
  3. Heating pad – I had a lot of back pain after delivery. I am not sure what was more of the culprit – the delivery of my baby or the horrendous beds they make you sleep in. I asked for a heating pack to help relieve the pain and what they gave me was a bag the size of a small party napkin that held its heat for a mere 3 minutes. Pathetic. Bring a heating pad or pack. You may not need it, but if you do you will be thanking Casey!
  4. A positive attitude – Totally corny, I know. You will need it, though. I will spare you the graphic details that happen post-delivery but if you are a first time mama and think the pain and suffering is over after your delivery, you will most definitely need this positive attitude because that is not reality. All the pain and suffering, pre- and post- delivery, are worth it, but it does not end after baby’s arrival.

I hope this helps!! Good luck with your babe – the pain is all worth it!!

To check out my original post with my hospital essentials see HERE.


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