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It cannot be?! How is it possible?! Madelyn is one month today!! It really is incredible how fast time flies when watching your children grow. Some days, the hard ones, you think the day may never end. Sometimes you may even wish the day away because the chaos is just too much. And then, a milestone comes (ONE MONTH!!) and you are praying the days never end because they are growing too quickly. That is how I feel today.

In honor of Maddie’s first month milestone, I will be linking up with 7 Quick Tales over at Conversion Diary. Today for the link up I am going to reminisce about Maddie and all that she has taught me this month. Sorry again for the lovely iPhone pictures. My broken/fixed lens is in transit back home!! Enjoy our memories with Maddie. We love you and cannot wait to continue to watch you grow… just not too quickly, please!!

-- 1 --

To start my quick tales this week, you have taught me so much this month. You have taught me to have greater patience. You have taught me to slow down and that it is okay to just let the dishes pile up in the sink and laundry be left unfolded so that I can hold you a little longer or snuggle you in more. You have reminded me that there is more to life than the ‘worldly things’ here on this earth and that family truly is the most important thing. You have reminded me that my calling as a mother is the most important job I have and will ever have.

I love holding you, snuggling in with you and thinking about your sweet Spirit. I love thinking about where you just were before entering our family and what your potential is here on this earth. I love dreaming about your dreams and what the future has in store for you. I pray each day I can be the best mom I can to help you reach those dreams and achieve your greatest potential. Thank you for teaching me to slow down and reminding me of the important things this past month. Thank you for being the best teacher and so patient with me.


^^Meeting your brother for the first time.

image (2)

-- 2 --

One thing I love about newborns is watching and discovering ‘the new thing’ they learn each and every day. I love when Geoff walks in the door every night because I get so excited to tell him what Maddie did today. i.e. “today she opened her eyes all the way.” “today she did tummy time for 15 minutes and loved it!” “today she smiled at me, though it may have been gas.”

They grow so quickly in the first month, both physically but also developmentally. They come out of the womb barely able to stretch their bodies out, unable to completely open their eyes, and unable to lift their neck up or move it around. They come out completely helpless. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like they learn to walk and talk in the first month, but what they are able to accomplish from day 1 to day 30 is remarkable. They truly do learn something every day. But, isn’t that why we are all placed here on this earth? Isn’t that part of the Plan of Salvation? We are all sent to this earth life to progress and grow. Shouldn’t we all be growing and learning every day just like our little children? I love what a wonderful example our children are to us, even our little newborns. Thank you Maddie for teaching me and reminding me the purpose of this life, to learn, grow, and progress. We love watching you grow.

-- 3 --

Speaking of growing, the latest thing you have learned to do is how to focus on objects. Tate and I love playing with you in the mornings. We have a little bucket of infant rattles and other random noise makers and your brother loves moving them in front of you and watching you follow the objects. You are so attentive and are exploring your world around you more and more.

You also have not lost the newborn, death grip! When you get a hold of something you do not want to let go of it-i.e our finger, a rattle.

image_2 (2)

-- 4 --

Now let’s move onto what you have loved this month… (1) Eating, eating and more eating! You came out big and are determined to stay that way! (2) Stretching your tiny, little body when you first wake up in the morning. The face you make when you stretch is so precious, and funny at the same time. (3) Being held for the majority of the day… we need to work on this (see post HERE). (4) Sleeping at night – bless you!! Though you love to be held all day, you know when it is “bedtime” and love to sleep sprawled out in your crib. (5) Peeping and pooping. You definitely make sure we get our money’s worth out of every diaper. I guess, thank you for that. and (6) You love sleeping on your Daddy.


-- 5 --

This past month we have loved and been quite obsessed with bows. Well, at least your mama has!!


for casey and joni-0337

^^Pretty sure that is a smile?!


^^With hair like that how can you not keep a bow in it?!

-- 6 --

Here are some things you have not enjoyed this month and are taking a little more time to get used to… (1) Sleeping and/or just being in the car seat! I guess you want to take after your brother in this department!! I am hoping we do not have months and months of wailing in the car ahead of us!! (2) Changing your clothes. Enough said. (3) Pacifiers, though we are still working on this. I think some form or self soothing is great skill to learn. (4) The pediatrician’s office… we go back on Monday. Wish us luck!!

image_3 (2)

-- 7 --

One thing you have taken to very well this month is a schedule. Thank you, thank you!! For those that know me well (or even not so well), you know my life revolves around a schedule. Every night before I go to bed I jot down the things I need to accomplish the next day and make a plan, a schedule of how I am going to complete everything. There are so many things going on in my life and around our house, the only way I stay organized is through this schedule.

I in no way, though, expect my newborn to follow a schedule. I know it takes a few months (for Tate about 6 months to be exact!) to get into a routine of things for little ones just entering the world. And, then once they figure things out, BAM and a growth spurt comes on or a little cold to throw things off. I know this, and fully expected it. But, I am fully welcoming Maddie’s routine that she has created herself. She falls asleep roughly the same time most nights, is waking up 2 times around the same hours, wakes up around 8AM in the morning and takes a little morning nap for me, her and I have ‘girl time’ while Tate sleeps and then I get another good afternoon nap. Granted, it is not exact every day, all day, but she is very predictable. Thank you, thank you sweet girl! Your schedule early on is making this sometimes crazy mama feel a little more sane!!


^^This is one of my favorite pictures from her Newborn Photo Shoot. See posts HERE and HERE for more beautiful pictures of this girl.

**From this month, also check out our first day alone and our first trip to the grocery just the three of us!

**AND, make sure you didn’t miss Maddie’s birth story HERE and HERE.

We have had a blessed month with having Maddie in our home. She truly is a sweet baby with a wonderful spirit that we are loving getting to know and cannot wait to learn more about her. We love you Maddie!!


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