First let’s begin by saying Maddie is in contention to my favorite-est-est child ever! For the past three days she has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT (I actually think that deserves much more than CAPS, bolded and underlined text, but that’s all I have on here). And, she didn’t just sleep through the night by the text book definition of 5-6 hours for newborns, but from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m and the other two nights from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. (that’s 9 hours people!!). I do not think Tate did that until he was close to 9 months. She is 6 weeks today. I am thankful for the extra hours of sleep I have received and so is everyone else that has had to interact with me as I do not look like a zombie (at least not on most days!).

She is even super cute awake!!


Next let’s just say I am obsessed with this yummy dessert. I added the recipe to the blog yesterday and cannot get enough of it. Definitely a new favorite recipe. I may have eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday!

Interesting that my top favorite things are: #1 sleep and #2 sugar. Priorities people!!

Lemon Blueberry Cake (1)

Not only has Maddie been an excellent night-time sleeper, but she is also starting to develop consistent, scheduled naps during the day (I told you competing for best child award!). Her afternoon nap has been overlapping with Tate’s and so when he wakes up, him and I have a bit of time alone (promise we really do like having Maddie awake and are totally loving her – though it seems I am only loving her asleep). Tate and I use this mommy-son time to snuggle in his room and basically read every book on his shelves. We will read one book and he will immediately jump off of my lap and grab another and then another and then another… you get the point! I cherish this time with him as our time the two of us has been slim since he became a big brother.


This past Sunday we had Maddie blessed in our church. It was a special Sunday in which she received a blessing from her father and was presented to the church and to her Heavenly Father. Geoff gave her a beautiful blessing that I know will help guide her throughout her life. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself thinking that I am a mother to TWO!! Our family of four… definitely one of my favorite things!


Tate is beginning to show more interest in Maddie (that is more than .01% that is) and it makes me so excited to see them together. Even if that requires me to stand on pins and needles, hovering over the two of them, waiting for Tate to pounce on her at any minute or have his little boy energy get the best of him and get a little too wild around her!! Let me tell you, Maddie is going to be one tough, little girl with her big brother around her. I cannot wait to watch them grow up together and be the best of friends.

Oh, and Tate’s latest thing… when you ask him where his sister is, he will point to her and say “bebey.” Just darling and melts my heart a little!


^^Geoff had Maddie propped on his legs playing with her and Tate decided he wanted to join in the on the fun. (Or was getting jealous of his lack-of-attention and decided to step in. I am going to go with the later.)


^^I told him to ‘give Maddie a kiss’ and this is what I got. At least he loves his mama!


Ok, who isn’t just loving the spring-like weather these days (Except today of course! Freezing temps again are just not okay!). This weekend, though, we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent all day, every day outside. Friday night we took a family walk and decided to teach Tate how to drop rocks into a river (definitely a must-need life skill for a boy!). It took us, at a minimum, 15 minutes to pull him from the bridge because he was so amazed at dropping rocks into a river… seriously. The things that can entertain our little ones! (please enjoy my lovely, iPhone pictures below…)

image (2)



Saturday morning we pulled out my brothers old Tonka trucks and let Tate go crazy in our flower beds. The benefits of renting (though we are in the search process of purchasing this summer – ekk!! That’s an excited ekk and nervous/scared ekk!!). And we even had on short sleeves all day! Vroom, vroom!!



The morning of Tonka-fun was followed by an afternoon and evening spent with family. Tate loved chasing around older cousins/second-cousins/children of Geoff’s cousins, playing by the thorn bushes (I think he nearly fell in them 20 times. I mean it is not like there was a huge yard to play in! Just 10+ acres), and “playing” corn hole with the older guys. His idea of “playing” I think was a bit different from theirs.

photo (52)

photo (51)

^^Using the board as a slide, “weee"!


The last thing I will bore you on here with is talking about sharing. Yes, sharing. You can click the little “x” in the corner now. zzzz…..

If you are still reading, Tate’s latest fun activity is sharing all of his snacks with everyone around him. I am not exactly sure why he enjoys doing this or where he picked it up from, but I am hoping it is an activity/trend that will continue when we is playing with his toys and other children (fingers crossed, but not likely). Sometimes, though, as you can see from the pictures below, it is not always a good idea to stick your fingers/hand in someone else’s mouth. Especially your silly daddy!!


PicMonkey Collage

You made it to the end of my endless list of favorite things!! I am grateful  my list of “favorite things”  is so long, just as I am sure you are grateful my list is over!

Lately I have been pondering the words found in this talk to “live in thanksgiving daily.” I love the quote that “there is one thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious. We can be grateful!” Sometimes it may be hard to count our blessings when life throws us are curve balls, or even turns our world upside down, but I know by expressing our gratitude for things and our circumstances we will have an increase in faith and more joy in our lives. May we count our blessings and name them one by one each day.

Thanks for reading as usual and being a part of The Stevens’ clan and all our chaos!! Have a great day!

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