I am taking a little break from this weeks overload of pictures of my children – see HERE and HERE if you missed them! Don’t worry, I will be back tomorrow with Part II of Maddie’s shoot.


This coming weekend our family will be watching this conference. It is a wonderful opportunity for all to hear from chosen leaders on earth today and to be inspired and uplifted by their messages. Though it is a wonderful opportunity, it is also a difficult time for little ones to sit still for 8-long-hours!! I have done a little research and come up with a few ideas. I am hoping one of these ideas will occupy my little one, and hopefully yours, for at least one talk.


  1. General Conference Wall – Basically hang pictures of topics likely to be discussed during conference and have your child point to the pictures as they are mentioned. This will be a fun activity to do with Tate, altered a bit, as he loves to look at pictures and hear stories about them.
  2. Nursery-Aged Conference Packet – I love this idea because it includes a few different activities to do with your child. The packet is filled with stories to discuss with your toddler, pages for them to color, also and small crafts for you to put together with them. I am hoping at least one of the the different activities will help keep Tate entertained.
  3.  Friend Magazine Coloring Book – Though we love to read books around here, Tate is not big into coloring. This idea may or may not work, but I am willing to give it a try. And if your child is not into coloring you can use the pictures to discuss the story around them. Willing to give it a try!!


I am a leader for the 8-11 aged girls in our church. We hold activity nights twice a month and decided to have a General Conference prep night for our activity this week! These were some of the activities we did with the girls that would be great to do with any primary-aged children.

  1. Primary-Aged Conference Packet – This is a great packet to help young children stay engaged in conference and remind them to listen to the Spirit through the talks. It has many different activities for them, such as looking up different scripture references, a word search and crossword puzzle, a matching game and even a conference bingo!
  2. General Authorities Get-to-Know-Them Game – This is an activity you can do with your children before conference. For our activity we posted pictures of each General Authority on the board along with their name. One at a time we read different facts about each leader and had the girls guess who it was. It is a great way to get-to-know the speakers before we hear from them. The girls had a lot of fun guessing and loved learning new, fun facts about each General Authority.
  3. Journal Writing – We encouraged each girl to think of at least one question they are struggling with or want to know more about and go into conference pondering it. I know as we have a question(s) in mind throughout conference the Spirit can and will direct us to our answers. This is a great activity for all to do before conference!


I know as we watch General Conference together as a family our relationships will be strengthen, our testimonies will grow, and the Spirit will fill our homes. Sometimes it is hard to focus and catch all the messages delivered to us with young children running around our homes, but I know we will be blessed as we follow the Prophet and listen to the Spirit. Enjoy conference, and hopefully you will enjoy it a little more with these ideas!


General Conference sessions will be held both Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. EST and 4 p.m. EST. Watch here.

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