So, parts of this “two under two” thing are beginning to get a little tricky. Recently I have been struggling with this sleep-thing. Not lack of sleep for myself, she is an angel sleeper at night (bless her, bless her)! I am struggling with naptime sleeping for Maddie all because I have a mini-me, toddler running around the house, following me everywhere!! I do not mean to complain. It is quite cute to have little buddy by my side all day, mimicking me, cuddling with me, playing with me. But, he is making it very difficult (nearly impossible) to quietly put Maddie to sleep for daytime naps.

The situation… I have been implementing the Baby Wise Method the past week and it has really helped me figure out Maddie’s internal schedule and alter it to fit our family’s needs and routine. The Baby Wise Method basically is a routine in which your baby feeds-plays-sleeps, in that order. The method believes at her age she should not be awake for much more than hour, so as soon as she wakes from a nap I feed her and then play with her and when the clock strikes one hour she is whisked to bed for a nap. If we put her down at the hour mark we have zero-effort (literally it is like magic!) getting her to sleep but any after and it is tough. Back to the dilemma… So, since I have been trying to implement this method I have been pretty strict about her sleep schedule. When it is time for her nap during the day, I will take Maddie into another room (preferably quiet and dark), snuggle her close and begin to rock her to a twilight sleep (also working on putting her in crib half-asleep and letting her soother herself to sleep… none of these things I did with the first child! Such a learning curve with baby #1). Within minutes of Maddie and I snuggling in for naptime, I will hear little feet running through the house looking for me. Then I will hear doors opening and closing, with the little feet getting closer and closer. And then, it happens!! The door to the room we are in will bust open, obviously hitting the wall behind it to make enough noise to startle Maddie, and if the door does not startle her, Tate’s loud voice of blabbering words sure will!! Boy is this kid cute, but he is making it awfully hard to put his baby sister down for a nap!.

What is the trick veteran mamas?! How do I put my infant to sleep, while keeping my toddler quiet, far away, and occupied in another room?!

I keep trying to “shhhh” Tate when he comes in the room we are in, but his comprehension of “shhhh-ing” isn’t there yet. I also keep trying to explain to him that if he gives me a couple of minutes to put Maddie to sleep, Mommy and Tate can play together without her interrupting. Again, the comprehension isn’t there yet. Out of ideas at this point!! Help needed!

Oh, and since we are on the topic of dilemmas… another one from this afternoon. Enjoy!



^^First Bumbo experience and look how big and strong she is!!



^^ “But wait, that is my chair!! Get her out of it, or I will myself!!”


^^He finally got his chair and he has his milk and truck in hand. What more could a boy want?!


^^You can still see the tear on his cheek. Drama, drama around here!!

Jealous much?! Next on the “to-do” list is to learn to share. This toddler-thing is oh-so fun and challenging and definitely is keeping me on my toes.

 PicMonkey Collage

^^To show his cute side, toddler-Mommy selfie with a 50 mm which is nearly impossible! Here is a two-part-er for ya!! Love this little guy and his antics.

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