Maddie is seven weeks today!


Gasp, I know! Where has the time gone?! It seems like yesterday I still pregnant and looking like this:



Check out more obnoxiously pregnant pictures of me HERE.


And now she is here, outside of me!! Can I get a hallelujah!! Have I said before how much I hate being pregnant?! I love my little ones, and all the un-comfortableness, pain, sleepless nights, I can go on and on for days, is totally worth it, but that does not mean I always have a smile on my face while I am enduring. It is hard being a mama and it does not begin once the baby is in your arms. But enough complaining Casey! It is over and she is now here in my arms and on my belly… Wait, what?! You still have a “belly” after the baby comes out?! A belly?! Yes you heard that correctly!

This time around I am not messing around dropping this baby weight. With Tate it took me about seven months to start to feel back to normal and to really begin to fit into my old clothes (meaning no ‘muffin top’ over those skinny jeans!). I got pregnant with Maddie when Tate was nine months. Do the math, that’s only two months of enjoying my old clothes. Basically I have a huge wardrobe of clothes that has been neglected for years and years and is just dying for me to wear them again. Therefore, this body better be ready to be transformed quickly!

Following me on Instagram? If so, then you saw what I did last week! I joined Pure Barre. I am super excited and totally nervous at the same time! The first workout was killer. I barely could get out of bed the next morning. Literally my legs were stiff and shaking. When Maddie woke up in the middle of the night, I had Geoff go get her for me because my legs just could not do it. Pathetic! I definitely needed the workout, especially after these desserts, lemon blueberry cake and monster cookies, were devoured last week and banana pudding this weekend (check back for recipe later this week). I am super excited for this new workout regime and I cannot wait to see the transformation.


Picture left is me about 34 weeks prego (see here for pictures a week before she was born and here for 38 weeks prego and here for 39 weeks) and picture right is me 6 weeks post-prego. I will post transformation pictures in a month or so (let’s hope I begin to see a transformation by then!).

Oh, and if my unseen wardrobe isn’t motivation enough for me to get back into shape, we just booked our tickets to Florida one month from today!! This body is so not ready for a swimsuit of any kind! Countdown is certainly on…

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Enjoy your Tuesday… on the bright side, tomorrow is hump day!
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