Like bananas? Not my favorite either! Like pudding? Weird texture also makes me steer clear for the most part. Like most people, when they hear someone has brought “Banana Pudding” to your potluck, you think “Um, thanks. Gross!” Well think that no more!!

This recipe really is my most requested. It is a Paula Deen recipe (need I say more!), with a fun twist on the bland, old banana pudding. The top and bottom are layered with Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies, with a generous layer of bananas, and then topped with a heaping mound of pudding made with sweetened condensed milk and whipping topping. How could it not be good with whipped topping?!




I made this dessert (or it could be substituted for breakfast, lunch or dinner in my book!) this past weekend for an Easter dessert (see our Easter recap here). It was devoured per usual! Yesterday was just “one of those days with the kids” and I was so wishing I had a leftover piece (or two or three) to take my mind off of the craziness for just one minute. I am thinking about making this dish again for our weekend away with family in Cleveland this coming weekend (remember this family?!).

For the full recipe see here.

Casey’s pointers: (1) I always use 8 bananas, (2) I only use approximately 10 ounces of whipped topping. It makes for less pudding in the middle which I prefer. (3) To cut down on dishes while making the dessert, I combine all the ingredients into one bowl and mix!! The pudding mixture comes out the same either way. (4)Despite the top and bottom layers being cookies it really holds up well for about 2-3 days in the refrigerator. The cookies begin to get soggy around Day 4, but I am pretty sure it will not last that long!




I am telling you, you will not be able to eat just one piece (even though each piece is quite the helping itself!). People will devour it and you will be invited to all your local potlucks if you bring this dessert!! I am thankful it is in a 9 x 13 pan and people would know if a piece was missing prior to the event because if I had one piece to “try” before, I do not think any other pieces would be left!

Thank you Paula Deen for yet another amazing recipe!


Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!!

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