Linking up with Jennifer again to list a few of my favorite things these days!
-- 1 --
Tiny hands, tiny fingers. Tiny feet, tiny toes. Everything is so tiny. So delicate. So very precious.
Maddie is just over 7 weeks now (where has the time gone?!) and I fall more and more in love with her each day. She has been such a joy in our household these past weeks (and not just because she is sleeping through the night!) and I love getting to know her sweet personality more and more. She is beginning to “coo” and “ahh” and can give her Dad the biggest grin. It is as if she is saying to him, ‘where have you been, I missed you!!’ Definitely has him wrapped around her tiny, little finger already as she does all of us. We love you Miss Madelyn Elizabeth!!
-- 2 --
My newest obsession these days is Pure Barre. Heard of it?!
…that is exactly what I have been feeling the past week as I have been shaking (that is my muscles!!) and “tucking” my way through the classes. Lift, tone, and burn are the perfect verbs to describe the 55-minute-sweat-pelting-down-your-face-workout. The class utilizes the ballet barre to stabilize yourself to perform small isometric movements targeting and toning the hardest areas for women to tone – lower arms (that area that can wobble back and forth), you thighs, abs and seat. It is a total body workout that claims to “burn fat in record-breaking time.” This post-prego body sure needs some transformation and record-breaking sounds like just what the doctor ordered!
Initially I began taking the classes for this “record-breaking” transformation that sounds so intriguing, but I totally am hooked because of the people and the confidence it has brought me (even at 5:50AM workouts!!). The instructors and people at Pure Barre are so sweet and motivating. The instructors do not perform the workout alongside you. Instead they walk around the room improving technique, helping to answer questions, and shouting out praises or words of encouragement and motivation throughout the workout. I feel so good about myself leaving the studio as the instructors are not only there to help you workout but also to leave you feeling lifted, both physically and emotionally.
Pure Barre definitely is my newest addition! See my before pictures HERE.
Most studios also offer a free first class!! Check out your local studio and see if Pure Barre is for you!
-- 3 --
One of my favorite things lately are these sunglasses!!
photo (54)
Does it get any cuter than this?! My aunt got him these glasses in his Easter basket and he is obsessed with them. They Velcro around his head and so he just walks, runs, jumps around the house with them on. What a little fashion “divo” we have going on!
Just a few more pictures of this cute kid because I cannot get enough of him!! Mommy-baby selfies are the best!
PicMonkey Collage
-- 4 --
I got to Skype with this girl last night!! I am so blessed with amazing friends all around the world. Heather is currently living in Japan with her husband and boy do I miss her tons!! I wish we didn’t live half way around the world (literally!!) but I guess Skype dates will just have to do for now. I love our chats, her listening ear, and words of wisdom. I sure do miss this girl as well as all my friends far away!
Just a few of my favorite memories with this girl… (1) winter break in London, (2) visiting her little sister attending Notre Dame, (3) dorm life freshman year, (4) graduation and goodbyes that were entirely too hard.
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-- 5 --
A few months ago I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and put it on my never-ending “to do” list to make. That list seems to constantly be growing, especially with frequent trips to Pinterest, with nothing ever truly completed from it. After a few weeks of looking at it on my list I decided I really wanted to incorporate the overall message of the craft into my home. I love the idea of having Geoff and I writing things we love about each other every day, like writing little love notes to one another!
Instead of making the cute framed boards (because seriously that would never happen right now!), I went to Target and picked up two small magnetic dry erase boards. I wrote in permanent market on each “What I love about you today…” and stuck them on the refrigerator. Every morning before Geoff leaves for work he jots something down for me and I write something for him before he arrives home. I love it! It is so wonderful to wake up to a small note from Geoff, a little reminder that he was thinking about me. And in return, I love thinking about him throughout my busy day and trying to come up with just one reason why I love him.
Days, weeks and months can be busy for a married couple, especially with two kiddos now! Sometimes it is hard to give your spouse the attention they need and deserve. I know it is important to be constantly strengthening our marriages and relationship. In now way am I saying this should replace actually telling your spouse why you love them but I have so enjoyed these little written notes from Geoff the past few weeks and truly feel it is one thing that is helping to strengthen our marriage.
- 6 --
Long story short and way too much information to be sharing on a public platform, but I guess that is what a blog is for…
I know it is recommended to not wash your hair daily and to use heat products as infrequent as possible. I usually wet my hair in the shower every other day and “wash” it every other time I wet it (does that make sense?!). I have seen such drastic changes in my hair with less frequent washes and hair drying since I was working full-time and styled my hair every single day. But, since birthing Maddie my hormones are still up one minute and down the other and this body is still trying to figure out what life was like before taken over by another human being. Most nights I wake up drenched in a sweat (oh the joys of having children!) so a shower, a complete drenching shower, is a must right when I wake up in the morning. Therefore I have been washing my hair quite a bit more frequently and drying it every day. Oh the damage I can feel it!!
Within the past month my hair dryer also decided to give out (I hope it is not related to my more frequent use!!). Me being my cheap-self decided to purchase a middle-to-lower range of hair dryers, “it will do” I thought to myself. What a bad idea!! I used the “cheap” dryer for all-but 2 weeks before I had to pitch it!! Now I am back to this Conair hair dryer I was using before and am obsessed with it again!! My cheap-self is regretting my mid-low range hair dryer as in the end I spent more money buying two hair dryers!! Just stick with what you know is good.
I am sorry I cheated on you for a brief period of time, but I am back and loving you more than ever!!
-- 7 --
Extended family!! One of my favorite things is my family – big and small!! This weekend we are headed up to Cleveland to see my Dad’s side of the family - aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins, the whole lot! and boy am I excited!! I am thrilled to introduce them to Maddie and to spend some much needed quality time with those that I love most. Road trip!!! (those are both excited and nervous-for-the-5-hour-trip-with-two-kiddos exclamation points) Wish us luck!
We get to play with this guy again tomorrow!! Uncles sure are the best.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!
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