With this pregnancy I have been able to shed the pounds (I gained 50 to be exact! WOAH, I hear ya!!) much quicker than with Tate (which I gained 40 pounds… man, definitely sharing secrets today!!). I think a big part of my faster weight lost is due to this little guy and his high-energy, 19-month old self keeping me busy and constantly on-the-go. But, I also know this little magic wrap has helped trim me as well. So, for my secret…


belly bandit 3


The Bamboo Belly Bandit!! This has been my life-saver! I heard about it soon after I had Tate but did not purchase it until post- week 3 or 4. It is a little pricey at roughly $70 a wrap. I was reluctant to purchase it because of the price and leery of the results, but in retrospect, knowing its capabilities now, I would have purchased it for $150!! It truly is amazing!

So, how do you use it? The company recommends use for 6-8 weeks post delivery. With Tate, like I said, I purchased around week 3 or 4 post delivery and so was only able to wear it a few weeks. I definitely saw results with him, but have seen much greater results after Maddie because I started wearing at week 1! The company also recommends the wrap to be worn all day every day, only taking it off to shower. I do not find the wrap to be comfortable as it restricts bending over, sitting down comfortably, and other various movements and I am totally over feeling uncomfortable after 9++ months of pregnancy. I only wear the wrap when I am sleeping or laying flat. I am sure results would be even greater if worn all day for 6-8 weeks but I have been more than satisfied with the results I have seen.

And now for a demonstration…

Belly Bandit

What are the results? Don’t expect your waistline to shrink back to pre-baby size or your core to be tight and firm after 6 weeks. That will not happen! But that “baby bump” you walked out of the hospital with even though your baby is in your arms will dramatically reduce in size with each use. Literally every morning after wearing the wrap I look in the mirror and am amazed how it literally is trimming layers and layers off. Now, things will still be a little wobbly under there. You will still have parts and pieces to tone. You will still have that ugly line down the middle of your stomach (what is the point of that thing again, ugh!!). But I am telling you it will start the trimming, shrinking and toning process faster!


Though the price may make you want to reconsider, don’t!! It is totally worth the price and more. This will be your best purchase throughout your entire pregnancy and post (it may actually be your best purchase ever!!). It totally works.

Other weight-loss secrets… (1) Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed. (2) Rest, rest, rest. Definitely a hard thing to do with a newborn (and sometimes older children), but your body needs to recover and that is only through getting proper rest. (3) Drink plenty of water, especially if you are nursing. (4) Increase your calorie intake, if you are nursing, with healthy options. (5) Walk, walk, walk. It is very hard for me to stay still for long, so as soon as I feel well I go on walks with my babies. The first few times are around the block and with each trip I am able to go further and further. Walking is a light, easy form of exercise while you are recovering.

Not all these options may work for you. No promises here!! This is just what I do post-pregnancy and it has seemed to help speed up the weight-loss process. Now onto the toning process!!

What do you do to get your post-body back in shape? 


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