Last week this blog was full of this cute one, so I wanted to take some time to talk about what Taden has been up to lately. He sure is growing up and beginning to get more comfortable with his role as a “big brother.” Maddie’s first few weeks consisted of Taden ignoring her 99.9% of his time. With each passing day that percent gets less and less. He is beginning to notice her more and sometimes will even place a toy on her lap. We are making baby steps people!

What else has Taden been up to lately?!

1 – Taden has become an ultra-organizer on no account to me (though, this mama is a little proud!). When he plays with toys and/or his food he puts the different objects in piles based on size or color or another attribute. When he plays with blocks he builds things color-coded, crazy huh?! I am not sure where he picked this –ism from, but it really is fascinating to watch him play and to wonder what his little mind is thinking.



2 – Geoff loves music. When he is home you usually can find him blaring his favorite Pandora station through his iPad while he bobs his head to the music or taps his hand on his leg, chair or whatever is close to the beat. So, what is Taden’s new thing?! You guessed it! The other day I was driving with the radio on and I look behind me to see Taden starring out the window and tapping his leg to the beat of the song playing. I about died!! It was the most adorable thing. How did he pick this up?!

3 – Taden loves fruit! Almost any fruit (bananas we are still working on!). I try hard to have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house, but sometimes dinnertime is so chaotic with two little ones now I do not have enough time to prep and cut the vegetables before/while Taden is eating. So, a fruit cocktail bowl is what he gets! And he does not complain. Sugary fruit with more sugar juice (best mom award right here I know!). When Taden gets this yummy treat the first thing he does is dig through the bowl and find all the cherries. He literally will dump the bowl out to make sure he didn’t miss any! After the cherries have been demolished, then and only then will he eat the rest of the fruits.



4 – As mentioned again and again on this blog, Taden is in to cars. Like really, really in to cars and trucks and buses and anything with wheels. His new ‘thing’ is lining them up everywhere. And we have 100+ Hot Wheel cars, so I mean he really can and does line them up everywhere.


^^Lined across the kitchen table.


^^Yes, he even takes them in the bathtub with him. And lines them up.

5 – Taden is really into ‘shaking hands’ with other men. I think he has picked this trait up from Geoff and others at church. This weekend we had a few house guests over and when they were getting ready to leave Geoff put his hand out to shake the mans. Taden saw what Geoff was doing and immediately jumped off the chair he was sitting on, walked over to the man, stuck out his hand and shook the mans hand. We all stood there in shock! He looked so grown up and proud.

6 – The last thing Taden has loved lately is praying. For the past few months we have been working with him to ‘fold his arms’ when we pray. Lately we have been asking him to also ‘close his eyes’ and it just melts my heart to see him pray with us. The tender heart of a sweet, innocent child.


We are just loving the stage Taden is in lately. All the stages are fun and challenging in their own way, but this is exceptionally fun!! We love watching you grow, learn and just have fun every day little man!!


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