Happy Easter from The Stevens'!! I tried and tried to get these two in a picture together, cute and smiley but was not successful. The life of a toddler is just too busy!! So, this is the best I can give you, two separate photos of the kiddos side-by-side!!

Speaking of pictures... I had way too many pictures to put into one post! So, lucky you, we are going to start off blogging Monday with a video! My non-techy self was able to create this vid AND figured out how to post it to blogger (the most impressive part!) all by myself. Basically I feel like I can accomplish anything this week after this task. I hope you enjoy it :)

We had a wonderful Easter weekend spent with family and friends remembering the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are grateful for His sacrifice and for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate His life and the beautiful earth we have to enjoy with our families. #becauseofHim

Thanks for stopping by!!

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