Sorry for the lack of dialogue in this post. I could not find the words to write to describe the love these two have for each other. I think the pictures say it all!! #myboys

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0342

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0333

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0337

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0345

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0313

^^He looks like a little man!! He is getting way too big way too quickly!!

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0323

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0351

Miss Maddie Elizabeth-0349

**All pictures were taken by this girl. I just love how the pictures capture the love these two have for one another.


Check out more pictures from this shoot HERE (Madelyn’s Newborn Photo Shoot) and HERE.


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  1. I loved that I got to capture this while you were holding Maddie. T really does light up whenever dad comes home :)



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