This past winter (I pray it is finally in our past!!) included too much snow and too many months, which resulted in a large dose of cabin fever for this mama! For months I have been getting the ‘itch’ for a little vacation. I knew that was nearly impossible 8-months and 9-months prego but decided as soon as a our new life as a family of four settled (not 100% sure things will ever complete “settle”!) we would road trip somewhere!

Friday afternoon we loaded Geoff’s car full (literally we had to slam the trunk close) of all the essentials for a 48-hour road trip with our destination for Cleveland! The majority of my extended-family lives in Cleveland and so the trip was made to visit with family we haven’t seen in some time, introduce them to little Miss Maddie and get this mama out of town!! It was a perfect little trip away from home and definitely just what I needed!


And it definitely was exactly what Tate needed! He was extremely spoiled the entire weekend and his energy-meter did not stop until 10 o’clock both nights!! He is an on-the-clock-7PM-bedtime kid. We make exceptions here and there on the weekends, but never has he been up so late and crashed so hard! There was just always something to do, someone to play with, and too many sugary snacks to eat!


^^I think he ate more junk food this past weekend than he has his entire 20-month old life!! Therefore, we had quite the ball of energy all weekend long!!



One of the things I have loved the past couple of years is seeing my little brother interact with my children. I am grateful he makes time for our little family; to visit us, play with my little children and spoil them to pieces! He is going to be a great dad when that day comes and I cannot wait to spoil his own children!!



^^Per usual we had to videotape the family happenings.

And speaking of family videos… we decided to pull a few out throughout the weekend!! I do not think I have laughed that hard in months!! Most of the videos were from the early 90’s and so we got to reminisce on how cool our parents looked back then sporting the oversized glasses and manly short shorts. And complain about the hideous clothing they made us where and our bangs that covered half our head! It was fun to look back on how we have all changed and oh what fun it will be to do the same in 20 years with these videos!

Below is a clip of my little cousin Becky “digging for gold” on her fourth birthday and on the right is our oldest cousin Julie sporting a gorgeous early 90’s hair style! Love you ladies!

PicMonkey Collage-b


Saturday afternoon was spent outside. It was a beautiful, sunny day but high winds kept a light chill in the air. That, of course, did not stop the boys from being outside fishing, playing with Tate on the swing set, and throwing rocks in the pond, and shooting guns.


^^This is his new obsession. Anytime we are around any body of water he immediately finds rocks, pebbles or stones and throws them in the water. And then does it again. And again. Basically this entertained him for 30-minutes straight (no exaggeration!).



^^Kelcey helping him down the stairs. We also almost mastered the stairs this weekend!! He tries so hard to be able to climb and balance his way up them on his own, but sometimes trips along the way up. When he goes down the stairs he gets to the edge of the step and shimmies both legs downward at the same time, instead of stepping downward. It works, I guess! But, this weekend we made progress in real stepping motions!! Thanks for your help Kelc!





^^Tate reading to Becky and his newest cousin Max!


^^This girl is all smiles these days!! All weekend long my family kept calling her my “mini-me” as she supposedly looks so much like all my baby pictures. I am in the process of digging up a few to share! In my free time, you know?!

Below is a picture of Super Dad balancing both kiddos on his lap! I am grateful for all the help he is in our family and all the love he provides to each of us. I definitely am the lucky one!!



^^Like I said above, we love capturing videos and pictures! As kids I am sure we hated it, just as our kids do now, but oh what fun they will have looking back on the pictures and laughing and shrieking at the memories!!



PicMonkey Collage-a

^^Julie was just so excited to meet Miss Maddie! I love these pictures (even the scary one)!


PicMonkey Collage-c

^^Can baby Max look anymore like his Daddy?! He is such a cutie.


^^The little cousins posing for a picture. My two are the ones crying if anyone was wondering. This will definitely be one of those funny pictures to look back on!! Thanks for representing Stevens’ children!


Thank you Uncle Joe and Auntie Monica (Opey, Mo-ni-qu-a, Mo) [and Willie Thumbs up] for hosting everyone and for your, as always, incredible hospitality! I am so grateful for our close family. Even though the years have put us in different phases of our lives and different locations, we all hold our family important and make sure to make time for what matters most. We love you all and can’t wait to see you at the Pierogi Fest!! Until then, don’t let your children grow too quickly…


PS – I tried out again a few oldie blog recipes this weekend. I made this Fruit Pizza as a yummy dessert and these Bacon Egg & Cheese Crescent Roll Sandwiches for breakfast Sunday morning. Friday night when I told my family what I planned to make, I heard “hoorahs” from all and everything was completely devoured. I am going to say from both their verbal and stomach-indulging replies these are good recipes you must try!!

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