We leave for Florida in just three weeks and I have complete mixed feelings about the getaway. First I am beyond excited for a much needed, completely overdue vacation, and we get to visit my parents!! Double bonus! But, with the Florida warm weather I will be required to get this just-gave-birth-to-another-human-being body into a skinny, little swimsuit. This will not be pretty for all involved.

To help get me a little more excited (that word is totally used lightly) for our vacation and pool season, I have been scouring the internet and stores (let’s be honest, mainly internet… I am not about to drag my two kiddos into the dressing room with me) for the best swimsuits this season. Here are some of my top picks!

Antigua Floral Icon Swimsuit

I have always loved one-strap swimsuits! It gives a little character without showing too much. I usually am not a bold print type, but I am loving this floral, garden pattern. And the side ruching! I am hoping with the mix of the bold pattern and ruching throughout no one will notice the belly bulge I still have going on (a girl can try!). If you don’t love the pattern , there are other beautiful, bold colors such as this emerald or navy or poppy and even a beautiful leopard print (if only I was ever that bold!!). 

Top Swimsuits 2014 (4)

Anochi Swimsuit

Right now the toughest place I have trouble toning are my lower abs (actually that is always my trouble spot). I love how this swimsuit is not tight throughout the entire top as it would perfectly conceal my flabbiest spot and give me the confidence that I need. The bottom half is not only forgiving but a little glam as well! Shabby Apple also has this suit in a light blue and bubble gum pink print, but I have my eyes set on the classic, ever-sliming (that’s what they say, right?!) black.


Gown Suit

I love swimsuits that make me feel totally girly. A fun belt, a cute bow, a little gather to one side… something to give it a sparkle and make it different. I love the charming ruffle detail along the top of this swimsuit and the side ruching along the waist (I can’t get enough ruching!!). Find this swimsuit in a beautiful charcoal and navy.

Top Swimsuits 2014 (6)

Ann in Seaspray Swimsuit

Talk about girly!! I love the fun polka dots on this little number and the slimming belt across. And ruching, ruching, ruching galore (seeing a pattern with my swimsuit loves?!). You can never get enough ruching for this body. I can totally see myself sitting in a chair, with an oversized beach hat, soaking in the Floridian sun within this suit on.

Top Swimsuits 2014 (5)

Bow Embellished Bandeau Swimsuit

I have been told ‘bows’ are “so in” right now. Since I have been sporting the old maternity look the past 9-months I am totally out of the fashion scene (not that I really am “in” the scene much anyways) and fashion “ins” and “outs” have not exactly been on my radar. Elastic waistband pants and side ruching (yes, yes!!) have been my staple wears. Back to the swimsuit…

I love the front bow detail to this swimsuit! It is the perfect feminine touch to this overall basic suit. Though, I am not sure how a bandeau top swimsuit will go over with two small children. I love this suit but may have to save it for after my young-child-rearing-years! For those of you sans kiddos, definitely check this one out.


Romantic Ruffle One Shoulder Swimsuit

I love the simplicity of the overall suit with just a touch of glam. The swimsuit totally screams chic and classy. The hot pink is a beautiful color in contrast when sitting beachside or poolside, but the suit also comes in a slimming black.

Top Swimsuits 2014 (2)

Anyone else buying a new swimsuit this season? If you find a good one, please let me know!!

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  1. Land's End (and Wal-Mart) have super cute swim dresses! I love how elegant and forgiving they are. I'm not sure if I'll get one this year, but if i was headed to Florida I'd be getting one for sure!



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