A little over a month after Tate was born, Geoff and I began talking about going on a date without our precious, new baby. “What?!” was totally my first reaction!! I really did not see the big deal of us needing to get out of the house without Tate. At the time, we often would go out to dinner with him while he would blissfully sleep. We also spent every evening hanging out together while Tate sat in his swing or bouncer perfectly content. Post-baby Tate I did not feel like Geoff and I had really lost touch of each other, or that our “together time” had ceased. We incorporated our new, little baby well into our lives and now it was ‘the three of us’ so why would we need to separate ourselves?!

Finally when Tate was around two-months old we decided to get a babysitter for Tate while we went to dinner. It was nothing extravagant. It was literally dinner down the street. One hour of scarfing our faces, engaging in a little conversation, and then hurrying our butts back to snuggle with the little one we missed – or so I thought that was all it would be.

I learned a lot on that first date after Tate was born. I learned giving attention to your spouse with the baby in the room, or even soundly sleeping in the next room, was different than sitting across the dinner table from him, without any kids, without the worry of your child waking up any minute, without having to whisper or tip-toe around in case they may hear you. I believe one of the best gifts you can give your children is a happy marriage between you and your spouse. Marriage is not always easy. It is work, and sometimes hard work. It takes a lot of effort and time. But, I know that by taking time for your spouse and giving them the appropriate attention they deserve and need, your marriage will be strengthen. Like I said above, that first date after Tate was born was nothing extravagant, but I will always remember it for the lesson I learned. I learned date nights are important. They are one of the many essential pieces to a happy, healthy marriage.

So, for our current situation, Maddie turned two-months yesterday (can anyone believe that?!)!! For the past few weeks I have been thinking it was time for Geoff and I to venture out for our first date post-Maddie’s-birth. This girl was Tate’s first babysitter and I knew she would be heading home from college soon and wanted to snag her to be Maddie’s first babysitter as well! I contacted her a few weeks ago and reserved her for the first Friday she was back! Nothing extravagant. Dinner and then returning home… that is until Geoff landed awesome tickets to the Reds game Friday evening! At first I was a little hesitant since I am still Maddie’s source of food and did not want to venture away for too long. She takes a bottle well, but the idea of being away for so long and so far made me question the idea. But, I decided a Reds game sounded way more fun than a lame, old dinner out!



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The game was awesome! It was a perfect night – not too cold, not too hot. Our seats could not have been any better – second row, behind the Reds dugout. I think I could smell Joey Votto’s sweat!



We did not see a Reds win, but it was a good game. I had not been to a Reds game for a couple of seasons and so it was good to be back in the stadium and in the crowd. Geoff and I constantly kept looking around the stadium and smiling at all the little boys sitting in their seats so attentively, glove in hand, waiting for that foul ball to come their way. Don’t get me wrong, we totally enjoyed our evening out sans kiddos, but we are so excited to bring Tate to his first Reds game (probably next year!).






^^You cannot go to a baseball game without eating a $5 ballpark hotdog, in my opinion!

The evening ended with an incredible firework show. It was nearly 20-minutes long of great effects and unique fireworks we both had never seen before. It was very romantic to sit in the stadium with my love, cuddled in his arms, under the stars, watching the fireworks. It was a great way to end the evening together!



I am so glad we made the time to get out for the evening without the kids. I am so grateful to married to this wonderful man and loved “our” time this weekend together!!

When was the last time you and your significant other went out on a date? What did you do?

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