Happy Monday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


Have you ever had a weekend when you feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?! That is how I feel today! Boy did we have a busy weekend here at The Stevens’, full of exciting things to celebrate and do. Friday night Geoff and I ventured out without the kiddos in tow (aka date night) for the first time since Maddie’s birth. We went downtown to a Reds game and enjoyed an evening to ourselves, under the stadium lights, with a hotdog in each hand (my kind of date night!). Saturday morning our family ventured up to Dayton to watch Geoff walk in his MBA graduation commencement and to celebrate with family and friends. The celebration did not end that morning, though! I love a good excuse to throw a party and I used Geoff’s graduation as a perfect one! Last minute I decided to turn our usual Saturday game night with this cute couple into a themed Cinco de Mayo graduation fiesta! It really was very easy to throw together by using items I had around the house.



The décor was very simple and filled with small details throughout. I took an old picture frame and lined it with red, green and yellow streamers to add dimension to the setup. I also strung streamers along the edge of the table and even dressed up the chip bowl with them!



I found these cute pintable's from here. It’s all about the details, folks! And free is even better!!


For the menu we had a nacho bar… I mean, who doesn’t like nachos?! Perfect for this fiesta! We added festive green and red peppers to our menu and even brownies with Mexican inspired frosting! I obviously ate entirely too much food as usual.



Thanks to Elisabeth for bringing the assortment of Jarritos (it was fun pronouncing them in our best Spanish accent all evening. Ben served his mission Spanish speaking and was constantly correcting Elisabeth’s accent all night).



^^My first plate of nachos!



^^Congrats to this guy and for all his hard work and dedication throughout the years to achieve his MBA. Check out the blog later this week for commencement pictures and how I survived the ceremony with the two kiddos!!


Again, trust me, this setup is simple!! All you need are a few streams (any fun, bright color) and some chips and cheese dip! Thank you Geoff for giving us a reason to celebrate (not that I really need a reason to throw a party, though!!).

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