Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are all spending the day celebrating the wonderful women in your life. As I recently welcomed another new life into our family, I have been greatly reflecting on my mother and all that she did and continues to do for me and our family. 

It was mom who nurtured and cared for me. It was mom who worked full-time, while attending school to receive an additional degree, to continue to help provide for our family. It was mom who always was my cheerleader and by my side, and also my shoulder to cry on when needed. It was mom who took us shopping for new school clothes each year and would get just as excited as we would for the new year and fresh opportunities. It was mom who supported me in every decision I made because she knew she had raised me with great values to fall on. It was mom who would let us snuggle with her in bed while my dad was deployed. It was mom who taught us the value of service and being kind to others, and that a smile can go a long way. "It was, it is, it forever will be - mom."

Though I am out of the house and growing my own family these days, I continue to learn so much from this beautiful woman – inside and out. It is my mom who is my rock, my best friend. There rarely is a day that goes by without us calling one another, sometimes just to say “hi” and others to spill all our frustrations or heartaches to one another. I am so grateful for my mother and the woman she is my life.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all the other wonderful women in my life!! #itwasmom

Happy Mother’s Day mama!!

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