Let’s being by saying I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I spent the majority of the day being pampered from Geoff and relaxing as he tended to most of the “big” responsibilities throughout the day (i.e. cleaning, cooking, feeding children … well, I guess he can’t exactly feed Maddie yet, but you get the point). He took on the ‘mother’ load yesterday and did it with ease… until the end of the day came and I heard the following remarks from him:

  1. “I am utterly exhausted. You do all of this every day?”
  2. “If you ever consider going back to work, I will fully support your decision.”
  3. “If you ever want to take a vacation by yourself, you can do that. Just make sure it is while we are in Florida so I am not alone with both kids for days on end.”

I will take those comments as “Happy Mother’s Day. I appreciate all that you do.” Being a mom is not an easy job, but it is one I would not trade for anything. I am grateful for my children and love being their mom.

Onward to the update… so, I am a little late with this post! I completely missed Madelyn’s two month mark early last week [totally starting off the week with negative mom points over here!]. Right now I am trying to find the words to put into Maddie’s monthly update but am having a difficult time. The month flew by too quickly that most of it is a blur. I think my pregnancy brain has not worn off yet, or maybe that is just my mom-of-two-kids-brain kicking into high gear! Either way, I am definitely beginning to understand what “they” say about time flying faster with each child.





During this second month we began to establish a routine as we have noticed more daily consistencies with Madelyn. She continues to be an amazing sleeper (knock on wood, and then knock a hundred more times). Before I tell you how long she is sleeping for at night, remember we did not get this with Taden for at least 9 months and it took a lot of hard work to get there when we did. So, hold your jaw up… this little girl has been sleeping through the night, for 12 hour stretches, for over 4 weeks now. Totally nuts, I know!! We put her down between 7-8 pm and she wakes up somewhere around 7 am. When she does wake up in the morning she is her absolute happiest (I would be super happy too if I just got 12 hours of sleep!) and so alert. Taden is usually still asleep when she wakes up and so I take full advantage of this hour with my sweet, little girl all to myself. I love hearing the quietness of the house except for sweet, little coos and giggles.

This month we began to see Maddie’s personality really shine! She is a very happy, mellow temperamental baby and only cries for the usual – hungry, diaper change or tired. So, let’s jump right in… onward to the monthly update!!

Madelyn Likes…

  • Sitting in the bouncer, facing out. She has become so alert this month and wants to always see what is going on. She likes to sit and be held facing outward, so she doesn’t miss a thang!
  • Kisses on her face, her hands, her toes, everywhere. She smiles the biggest toothless smile whenever kissed (that is, except by her brother because sometimes that is just plain scary!).
  • Looking at faces. If you give her even a little bit of attention, a glance or a smile you will get in return the biggest smile or little coo from this girl.
  • Eating. And she is fast at it!! She eats every 1.5-3 hours during the day and she is done start to finish 8ish minutes! It makes for more playtime!!
  • Sleeping on Mommy in the carrier. Because I have another little baby/toddler running around I carry Maddie in the Baby Bjorn whenever we are out (i.e. park, grocery store, out to dinner, etc.). She can be screaming and screaming from being in her car seat and then immediately stops once put into the carrier. Magic!

Madelyn Dislikes…

  • Her car seat. Taden hated his and we tried everything to get him to like it but nothing worked. It wasn’t until we moved him into a rear-facing “big” car seat that he calmed down. We are basically just praying she gains more and more weight each month so she can get into a “big” seat quicker!
  • When her brother pulls her hair bows. Yes, that has happened a few times. They are just so big and colorful!!
  • When Mommy puts her in her crib to sleep! She is a great sleeper when she gets to sleep, but cries out when put down to sleep. But, (again don’t hate me!!) she is a great self-soother and so it usually only takes her 1-3 minutes of crying before she stops and goes right to sleep.

Other note-worthy things…

  • She moved into 6-month clothes this week and weighed in at 12 pounds 8 ounces at her doctors appointment last week. Still in the upper 90 percentile for height and head circumference, but moved down to 75 percentile for weight (trimming down!).
  • She had her first baby sitter when Mom and Dad went out for a date night.
  • She tolerates her big brother so well. He is beginning to come around to her these days and likes to give her big hugs and kisses. He does it all lovingly, but sometimes a little, too lovingly. She just sits there, sometimes with a look of terror, and lets him squeeze her in tightly. We can’t wait for the two of them to be buds!
  • Mom can get her to laugh and laugh but as soon as we Facetime Meme and Grandpa her smile sess’ ends. Good thing they will be able to see her smile in person in less than two weeks!!




Thank you Miss Maddie for being a true angel in our lives! We love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our family. We enjoy getting to know your personality and cannot wait to watch you grow up into a beautiful woman.

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