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This weekend we will be taking a picture just like this one, but this time Geoff will be wearing a cap and gown! That’s right folks, Geoff will be walking in his graduation commencement to receive this MBA (technically he has had his MBA since winter quarter, but will be officially walking with his class and letting me celebrate this Saturday)!! Mr. Geoff Stevens, MBA. Sounds so good!!

It will definitely be a weekend of celebration!! I am extremely excited to (1) celebrate with family and friends all of Geoff’s accomplishments and (2) finally be done with night classes, weekend classes, studying, exams, papers, homework, etc. all taking up Geoff’s time (I actually think the order should be reversed!). Geoff has worked so hard for his MBA but we are thrilled for this period of our lives to be over! Pictures will most definitely show up on the blog next week… as well as details of how I survived (let’s hope I survive) sitting through an entire commencement ceremony with two small children. Wish me luck x 100!!

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Continuing with exciting weekend plans, Geoff and I are going out on our first date sans kiddos since Maddie’s birth (hooray, hoorah!!). It will not be anything extravagant as we have t-minus 1 hour to be back to feed the little babe, but hey, I’ll take one-hour alone with my hubby!! 

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Speaking of that growing baby… #1 She has almost outgrown all her 3-month clothing. Yes, no exaggeration!! She will be 2-months on Sunday. I don’t think my body has been sore just from my Pure Barre workouts, but also from lugging around my ever-growing, newborn baby. [as a side note… I was told I look like a Heavy Weight Champion yesterday by a random gentleman as I walked into the Post Office with Tate on one my hip, while carrying Maddie in her carseat, my purse on my shoulder and somehow balancing the package I was sending. I think that was a compliment, sir?!]. AND #2 She is rolling over and over and over these days! Yes, we have a rolls, and not just on her legs and neck and arms and everywhere. Who doesn’t love a good, solid, chunky baby?!

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So, I am sharing one of my guilty pleasures now. I love toddler leftovers. As in the food Tate does not finish at mealtimes, left on his highchair and all around. Gross, I know! But, for some reason (I am trying to think of a good reason as I am writing this post now but cannot find one) whenever I make breakfast or lunch for Tate I always make myself something else, usually of lesser edible value. For example (this is a real example that occurs most days), for breakfast I will make him an omelet with fresh peppers and turkey sausage sprinkled with cheese and then topped off with yogurt and fruit, and then I will quickly pour myself a bowl of some random cereal from the pantry that is hopefully not stale. I am really contemplating my food prep decisions at this very minute because they do not make sense, but that is how things have been rolling around here. So, when he decides to eat half his yummy, homemade omelet, the other half is then devoured by this stale-cereal-eating-mama. Is that gross? Is this normal?! Either way I will probably continue to do. …this may be a reason why I have not seen the physical results in my body as I would like???


^^Even Geoff can’t resist a good toddler treat or two!!

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This week has been a bit of a turning point with Tate and Maddie. For the past two months Tate has basically ignored Maddie. He will point to her and say “baby” and occasionally throw a blanket on her when she cries, but for the most part she has not existed. On numerous occasions this week, though, I found Tate bending over Maddie to give her a hug and a little kiss. Each time he would immediately look at me (which usually I had the most terrified look on my face as I was waiting for him to hit her or pounce on her instead of his sweet kiss) for approval and to give him the biggest praise, which he obviously received. It really has been so sweet to see him love on his baby sister and begin to see their relationship form and develop. PicMonkey Collage

^^Sorry for the blurry pictures. I was basically shaking as I was taking them waiting for him to pounce on her versus give her a little hug. [holding breath]


^^Maddie starring at him with a terrified look. I cannot remember if this is before or after he grabbed the headband she was wearing and slingshot it back. Yeah, that was fun.

Here’s another good one of these two hanging out together.

-- 6 --


I have been obsessing over these delish egg muffins the past 24-hours. I had brunch plans with this girl yesterday and whipped up these healthy, little things. Sharing recipe and so many more pictures on the blog this weekend – don’t miss it!!

-- 7 --

Everyone in my family says Miss Maddie looks exactly like me as a baby and has nicknamed her my “mini-me.” See it? I am not quite sold.

PicMonkey Collage1

^^Geoff says she has the same pouty face as me. I am going to take that as a compliment because she has a pretty cute pouty face!

PicMonkey Collage2

^^I see the same nose and shape of face. She is also definitely much cuter than I was though!!

PicMonkey Collage3

Jury is still out on this one… what do you think??


Have a fantastic weekend and be sure to stop back next week for our wonderful weekend recap. For now, tootles!!

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