Remember this post? Earlier this week I shared “what’s in my beach bag: kids edition” as I began mentally (it hasn’t gone much further than that) preparing for our Florida trip next week. I had some leftover swim diapers from last summer and wanted to include a few pictures of Tate ‘modeling’ them in the post so I threw a pair on him… and, he may have remained in them for the entire afternoon. Maybe not the best idea or the most comfortable for Tate, but I got wrapped up doing other things and forgot to change him [because you know it takes all but 2 minutes to complete the task… ok, so I really have no excuse].

Today I wanted to share a few more pictures of this little one ‘modeling’ his swim wear since the three photos (actually four… see here) were just not enough! And because I know this blog doesn’t ever have enough pictures of this cute, little guy!!


PicMonkey Collage







PicMonkey Collagex


^^Look at that adorable smile!!

Lately I have been finding myself forgetting that Taden is still little, like really little. Now that he is a big brother we are constantly telling him he is “such a big boy” and “so big”. He definitely is getting bigger, but he is still very young himself. If he didn’t have a new, baby sister around these days he would still be a baby to us, but because he is not the youngest anymore, the title of “baby” has totally ceased for him. I loved watching him run around in this diaper for the afternoon and looking at all the baby rolls he still has. It reminded me that he really is still so young and innocent and is, and forever will be, my baby boy.


Also, in case you missed it:


Basically the pictures were the point of this post. Nothing substantial today… except to say tomorrow is Friday – woot, woot!!

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