Remember how we celebrated Geoff’s MBA graduation with this Cinco de Mayo par-tay?! Well, I finally put together a post documenting how I survived the commencement ceremony experience with my two kiddos in tow (I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for this post!).

Here is the basic play-by-play I was able to catch on my iPhone…


The ceremony began at 10 am (which I personally thought was rather early!), but Geoff had to arrive by 9 am. That meant we had to get our kiddos up, fed, dressed and out the door by 7:45!! It was a lot to ask, but we made it. Though we may have been literally running in the entrance doors at 9 am.


We had a complete meltdown when Geoff left to go check-in (yes, I used the word “we” because we all did!). This would be Tate running down the hall after Geoff, while I hold a diaper bag, another bag full of books, toys and snacks (I like to call them my “secret weapons”), oh and Maddie, and try to chase after him. I don’t even know how many looks of “crazy person”, some sympathy looks, and others of sheer terror I received. I try not to even notice them at this point.


The escapee was finally captured! With Daddy leaving and him being woken up entirely too early (I feel you man!), he required me to hold him, while also holding Maddie, for a good five minutes. I am counting that as my week’s worth of exercise.


I was finally able to scrounge up a car for him. Life is always at peace with a car in hand. 


After checking-in they let the graduates disburse until closer to the ceremony. [Tell me again the point of arriving so early, then?!]. Any who, I was given a bit of rescue relief. And big thanks to my Aunt Brenda for voluntarily arriving early to be my extra, helping hands. She may have been regretting her decision the moment she arrived. Big thanks to the best auntie, though!!

image (2)x

We finally made it to open seats. I believe this was when Taden was petting the woman in front of him hair. She was not one of those cute grandma’s that just turned around and smiled. All he got was a shake of the head from her and a lean forward. Why do they make stadium seating so compact?! Needless to say we kept Taden far from her the remainder of the ceremony.

image_1 (2)

… “if I can’t pet the woman’s hair, I guess I will just sit on Dad’s lap and make funny faces…”

image_2 (2)

After what seemed like an eternity, all the graduates had entered the floor and the show was ready to begin.

image_4 (2)

After an hour and half of speakers (I know I like to exaggerate, but that is no exaggeration!), graduates finally began to receive their diplomas.

image (3)

Everyone started to get very restless. Well… actually this was not the start of it. I think restlessness is the main adjective to describe any 20-month old, little boy (at least this one!).

image_3 (2)

This is the best picture I have of Geoff receiving his diploma. Literally minutes before he began walking, Maddie decided she was hungry. Perfect timing!! Basically,at this very moment I am feeding an infant, trying to conceal all body parts from being exposed, snapping this photo… oh, and an older gentleman decided to walk across our aisle at this time as well. This mama needed about 20 hands at this time. Congratulations to Geoff, though!!


Ok, now onto some legit pictures without my ridiculous commentary.


^^The best we could get of the four of us. That tassel is just too tempting not to play with!






Boy am I proud of this guy!! He worked extremely hard to receive his MBA and most days I have no idea how he is able to get everything accomplished that he does. Within the past two years he has juggled starting a new job, in a completely new field, in which he builds his own practice from the ground up, all while having two new babies, managing a busy calling at church serving many people, driving to Dayton multiple times a week for class and group projects, taking time to complete homework and study for exams, and being an amazing husband and dad for our family. Geoff, you truly are incredible and I have no idea how I got so lucky to be the one you choose to spend eternity with. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to support our family. Congratulations! I love you!!

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  1. love your commentary - and geoff is pretty awesome :) we love you guys :)



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