Well, technically we haven’t actually paid for it yet so we cannot really call it “ours”, and then technically speaking we will really paid for it for another few decades, but hey, I’m going to call it our home.

We found the listing online mid week last week and absolutely fell in love with the pictures. Kind of like drooling over posters of teeny-bopper boy bands hung all over your walls as a teenager, basically that was what we were doing with these photos all last week. The seller would not let any potential buyers walkthrough the house until his first Open House on Saturday (wanted to see the demand prior to any offers, smart!). We pulled up to the house 15 minutes before the Open House began to stake out our spot and to be ready. The moment we stepped in the house we fell in love. Geoff and I kept looking at each other, and without any word from either of us, we knew it was the one for us. It just felt absolutely right.

This house really has everything we want, need, and so much more. It is the perfect size for our growing family at this time and as we walked through we could envision ourselves and our children there, all together. We could see ourselves cooking dinner in the beautiful granite and brick kitchen, playing with the kids on the bamboo hardwood floors, giving baths and splashing water on the newly painted walls, kicking the soccer ball in the flat, grassy backyard, chasing kids down the long halls to their bedrooms. Walking through the house felt like we were walking through our home.

After the Open House our weekend went from crazy to insanity! Through a busy, overwhelming process we put in an offer and it was accepted! The past 24-hours have consisted of contracts, signatures, initials, discussions with our bank, appointments set up with inspector and appraisers, conversations with attorneys and title companies. This being our first home purchase we are complete novices and it shows!!

Since these amazing feelings of peace and comfort walking through the home, feelings of stress and anxiety by the whole process have taken over. How many signatures do I need to give? Here AND there and there and there?! I think we may have to invest in a stock of pens before this process is through!! It feels like there is a giant mountain to climb of contracts, tax forms, insurance forms, loan documents, inspection and appraisal reviews that have to be completed before we receive any sort of possession of the home. This process is just beginning for us, but I am more exhausted, both emotional and physically, than I have been since giving birth to Maddie (I know that wasn’t very long ago, but trust me it was tiring!!). I know the journey will end, and will end sooner rather than later, but boy it is stressful and tiring! I can see the end in sight… (I think?! Maybe?!)

Today, as I have been thinking about all my worries, anxieties, and stresses I decided to remember and count my blessings. How blessed are we to have the opportunity at this time to purchase a home. A home that we feel comfortable and proud of to raise our family in. A home we are thrilled to fill with moving boxes and begin to create memories. A home we will make new and old traditions in. A home we will fill with sweet laughter from our children. The next few weeks will be busy and stressful signing all the dotted lines, but oh how blessed we are at this time.

Today I will be counting my blessings rather than counting signatures. Happy Monday!


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