Remember this post I did last week, prepping for our Florida vacation and packing my beach bag for the kiddos?! Well, today I decided to put together a post of what’s in my beach bag for ME! I love anything nautical these days – just the thought of lying on an East Coast boardwalk, hearing the waves crash against the deck, smelling the salty water and  feeling the heavy breeze sounds like heaven to me. I am not a big Florida-beach-girl as I you will rarely see me get in the ocean (petrified of sharks!!) and the heat is pretty much unbearable 100% of the year (so true!), so heading down up the East Coast sounds like my kind of vacation these days… but my parents decided otherwise. They moved to sunny Florida just over a year ago, and so Florida hear we come to go and visit grandma and grandpa!

To stick with my dreams versus my reality, I have put together a nautical-themed beach bag ensemble to take with me to FL. I am totally an over packer (I just like to be prepared I tell myself) and I know all of this may be a bit much, but who cares, each thing will definitely be included in my bag.


swimsuit (remember this one from this post?!)   //   sunscreen   //   anchor accessories (obsessed with this little piece)   //   leave in conditioner   //   headscarf (remember these from this post? love this shop owner’s site)   //   towel clips (I found these last summer. they are super fun and very practical = win, win!)   //   sunglasses (I go with cheap ones like this. with two kids I do not have time caring for a pricey pair as I know they will get either thrown around or ripped off my head, or both,at some point.)   //   camera (I own this)   //   snacks (have you tried these? you must!)   //   headphones   //   beach hat   //   beach bag (love Michael Kors… but for a more reasonable bag)   //   lip balm   //   water   //   beach towel   //   magazine (my fav)   //   cell phone


What’s in your beach bag this summer?


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Watch out for “What’s in my carry-on bag” later this week!!


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