On a daily basis my occupation ranges from (or includes all of the following some days): non-TV social coordinator, playground medic, president of waste management, tantrum & meltdown negotiator, chief monster hunter, healthy-food maker, toy repair specialist, sleep scientist (working mainly the night shift), world-famous magician, personal chauffeur, and, last but certainly not least, recipient of master & PhD in patience. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my job titles, but at the end of each day I am exhausted!! Wiped!! Therefore, when vacations come, I do not take them lightly. Every mama needs a break, and that is just what I do while we are away! Maybe a little too much.

See here for Vacation Part I recap… but to get you up to speed, we visited my parents in sunny Florida last week. It was a grand time that involved a lot of spoiling of the grandkids!! I love vacationing at my parents because they live in a fun little city, with so much to do with the kids… but even better, I have two extra sets of helping hands!! My parents are such a big help when we visit. They are constantly telling Geoff and I to go to the pool without the kids or go out to dinner when the kids are tucked into bed. They help with mealtimes and baths. They play with them while we nap. You get the point… basically paradise! But, they are Grandpa and Meme!! They are fun and not mean-old-mom! They sneak the kids juice boxes and cookies or rock them to sleep a little longer than mom would. They give into the whines sooner. Basically they are just more fun than regular-old-mom-and-dad and so our children pick up habits while away that they would not otherwise if at home. I am grateful for the time my children get to spend with extended family and for the much-needed vacation and relaxing time I make up for while away, but in return I have to go into strict disciplinary mode to break these annoying (I am sure I could use a better word, but it seems fitting at this moment), little habits they form. So, if you were wondering what my week is consisting of this week (I’m sure you were all wondering…), breaking these habits is at the top of my “to-do” list.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I would do the week all over again!! Thanks for a fun, helpful week Grandpa and Meme!


^^Grandpa and Tate watching the snapping turtles below.



^^Making “fishies” face.


^^Grandpa and his pal.


^^And, Meme and her doll. I love how alert Maddie is becoming these days. And, don’t even get me started on her sweet, little personality!!


^^We ate dinner at a cute little restaurant in the town square and this truck sat outside (don’t worry it was a prop of the restaurant’s and not a real antique). Tate was literally running around it, screaming “TRUCK, TRUCK!” He kept pointing at it, sitting on it, and here was found swinging from the bumper while looking at his reflection. He is such a riot these days!




PicMonkey Collage

^^Helping Meme water her plants … aka cooling down from the hose.



^^One night before kiddo bedtime we all went up to one of the rec centers to play shuffle board and to let Tate release some energy. See picture below of him running and running and running. I would call that a mission accomplished.





I am loving reflecting on all the wonderful memories we created last week with my parents, even through all the frustrating times of breaking silly, bad habits this week. There is nothing like being spoiled from grandparents!!

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