Sunday afternoon we said “goodbye” to our dear friends Ben and Elisabeth as they take on a new adventure just a few short hours away. This girl has been my lifesaver the past year. They moved to Cincinnati last Spring just as I was quitting my job at Deloitte and beginning my new adventure as a stay-at-home mom. I met her within the first few weeks of staying home and we basically spent the entire summer together and have been inseparable since.

She is one of those people that has such a wonderful love for life, and sometimes I think she loves my children more than me (which is a lot!!). When I first met her I thought she totally must be the long-lost sister I never had because we had so much in common! She is one of those people I can and have shared so many trials and struggles with, and some of my most exciting times with (she happened to be the very first person I told I was pregnant with Maddie!). I am definitely going to miss lounging on my couch with her and talking about nothing but everything with her!


Not only have this girl and I became good friends, but our husbands are also “besties” (though, I am sure they would use a different word). For the past couple of months (basically since we found out there was any chance they would be moving!), Ben and Elisabeth sneak into our house after our kiddos are whisked off to bed (thank you for early bedtimes!!) at a minimum of three nights a week for boys ping-pong, girls chatting on the couch, and then ending the night with card games. I have no idea what we are going to fill our evenings with without these two?! Any ideas for a new hobby would be greatly appreciated. image_3


^^Got to love self-timer photos!

image_3 (2)

I definitely foresee many day trips and overnight weekend visits in the very near future. Enjoy your new adventure (not too much without us, though!) and we will be waiting for you return back here in Cincinnati (hopefully sooner rather than later!!).

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