Yep, that’s right, I have had this little blog for a whole year now!! Can you believe it?!

I am so grateful for this little space I have created that is just mine. When I first began this blog it was initially a place for me to organize my pictures and create an online-somewhat-personal (actually not personal at all … it’s online!) journal for myself. I love, love photography and strive to constantly be taking pictures, trying to capture my family’s lives through my lens and savor the moments just a little longer. But, probably like most people, I have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures sitting on my computer any given day, waiting to be stored away onto some random disk never to be looked at again. This blog was a way to make me download the pictures a little quicker, spend a some time editing them, and organize the photos so that I would view them and enjoy them sooner than a decade from now!

When I started this blog I really did it for myself (and maybe for my mom to enjoy pictures of her grandkids from a distance). What I didn’t realize a year ago was really what this blog would become to me. It is my outlet these days. As a mother of two (or one or three or one hundred!!) it is hard to find time for yourself or have something that is just yours. With this blog that is what I have created. This is mine. No one else can alter it, break it, knock it over, smoosh it, eat it, … you get the point. It is my time to be creative, to think about things more than ABC’s, trucks and cars or sliding down the slide. I am grateful for what this blog has become for me. It has been my way of expressing my frustrations, collecting my recipes in one spot, inspiring others, finding humor in the crazy, out-of-control days, sharing my ideas with others, and just my writing outlet. That really is what this blog is for me – my outlet.

I am also grateful for those that read this little spot on the internet. I definitely do it for myself – but I have also found so much joy hearing from those that read my chaotic, mess of a blog!! So, thank you!! And… I hope you continue to read and enjoy my stories.

Happy Blogiversary to me and many more to come!!

And to reminisce on some of my favorite posts from this past year:

  • The latest and greatest vacation pictures – here and here and here and here and here (I got a little carried away. I am well aware of that!!)
  • When we purchased our first house – here
  • Thoughts on ‘dating’ lately and my best date night ideas – here and here
  • That time Geoff received his MBA and how I juggled two kids at the ceremony– here
  • My favorite cake ever – here
  • Maddie’s precious newborn photo shoot – here and here
  • My first day solo with the two kiddos – here AND how we survived the grocery store the first time just the three of us – here
  • Maddie’s arrival story – here and here
  • How I dealt with being post-due… a photo shoot here AND chocolate here
  • A video of Tate expressing his excitement for his baby sister – here
  • My surprise baby shower thrown by my amazing and dear friends – here
  • Maternity photo shoot at 8 months prego (click if you dare!) – here and here
  • Christmas with the Stevens’ – here and here and here
  • Our Christmas card – here
  • Tate playing in snow for the first time – here 
  • Adventures with Tate in the Fall – here and here
  • Baby Stevens #2 gender reveal – here and here
  • Tate’s first birthday party – here
  • Tate is O-N-E – here 
  • My advice to all men – here
  • Announcing I was ‘due with Baby #2’ – here
  • A day in the park with young, little Tate last summer – here
  • My first post introducing myself and my little clan (look at how little Tate was!!) – here


I am excited for another year of blogging my life away!! Here is to more creativity, stories and of course pictures!! As always, thank you for stopping by.


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