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Life with two small babies is hard. Some days I try to act like I have it all together (in reality I never really do), but life is hard juggling both of their demanding needs all day, every day. But, I also forgot how much fun a new, little baby is in your home! This little smile, her giggles, that is what gets me through my roughest days. How could your heart not melt when you look at that smile?! (from a bias mother…)




Things are definitely changing for this happy, smiley, little 3-month old!!

Madelyn Likes…

  • You still love sleeping on me while in the carrier. I am so grateful for this little blessing, otherwise I am not sure how I would take care of you and your brother while out of the house (and sometimes even in the house).
  • You love sitting in the bouncer facing out and have recently taken a liking to the excersaucer. Your brother loves to pile toys on you and you sit there quietly and appease his little interest in you still.
  • You give the biggest belly laugh whenever you are kissed or tickled on your cheeks, belly or feet.
  • You love to watch me. Wherever I am, you want to be there. Most of the time you are content sitting on the bed or in the bouncer, but you have to be close to me.
  • You continue to love to sleep. Hallelujah… thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • You do not mind baths or getting your diaper changed. In fact, most of the time you giggle when you get your diapered changed. Seriously the happiest child!

Madelyn Dislikes…

  • You do not like being in your carrier and while I hold Tate. When you are smaller I could easily (word used lightly) hold both of you at the same time, but these days it is increasingly more difficult and you definitely let me know.
  • You continue to hate your car seat, or any position where you are lying on your back. We have not figured out any cure for infants hating their car seat except for time. We are just waiting for you to gain the appropriate weight to move you into a “big” seat.

Other note-worthy things…

  • We officially have a roller! You can now roll from stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach. A few times I have found you crying in your crib because you rolled yourself over and could not flip back. I think you may have also scared yourself a little bit from rolling over!
  • You are very, very long but quite thin. You currently fill out 6 month clothing, mainly due to your height. I see 9 month clothes in the near future.
  • You have created a schedule for yourself, with 4 naps – one short and one long nap in the morning and another short and long nap in the afternoon/evening. I notice length of naps changing with growth spurts, but overall you stick to your 4-nap/a day schedule.
  • You rode your first airplane last month when we visited Meme and Grandpa in Florida – see recaps here. Overall you did great on the flights and slept for the majority of the time.



One of the big changes I have noticed with you this past month is your gaze. You always seem to know where I am (it may or may not have something to do that I am your food source?!). Whether I am holding you or you are sitting in your bouncer from the across the room, it seems as if you never take your eyes off me. I love it! I love the look you give to me, with the peaceful, content smile on your face letting me know you are happy and feel safe. Thank you for your gaze, for your look, and for the love I feel from that precious gaze.

Madelyn, you really are such a joy to have in our family. I am amazed at how fast you are growing and most days want time to stop (or at least slow down) so that I can take all your baby-cuteness in a little longer. We love you and your adorable smile!!


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