I live for the weekends!! I mean, seriously, who doesn’t?! With the weather report predicting sunny, with temperatures in the 80’s and not a cloud in sight I knew we would be spending the entire weekend outside (is there really any better way to spend a weekend?!). ^^Like our family window reflection selfie?!

It had been awhile since we ventured around downtown and so that is where we spent most of our time this past weekend. Friday night we took the kids to Sawyer Point, a little park and walking path right along the river. One of my favorite parts of that area is the Purple People Bridge that allows you to walk across the river and right into downtown Newport. I love walking across the bridge and seeing the city in so many different views and angles. Taden had a blast watching all the “bbbboats” zoom across the river and underneath the bridge. While in Newport we obviously stopped in at Tom + Chee. Where else would we go?! We had a blast walking around with the kids and visiting old sites we had been to before and exploring new views of the city.



^^Geoff and I may be heading back to the bridge sometime soon to “lock” our love.


^^We may or may not have decided to trek across the bridge with the kiddos so that Tate could release any and all energy he had left for the day and then crash on the car ride home. Genius parenting?? I think yes!





^^Watching the bbboattts. His speech has really taken off the past couple of weeks. It is so fun to hear him communicate and the emphasis he gives on various words and syllables. 





^^Dessert first! This would be one of their famous donut grilled cheese sandwiches. Don’t knock until you try it!!


^^My go-to… the BLT Chee.


^^Anytime I am out with the two kids, this is how you will see me. I have not figured out how to tend to both of my children while out without Maddie in the carrier. This mama unfortunately only has two arms and usually they are both being used to herd Tate in. Thankfully Maddie loves the carrier (though, I am not sure she really had a choice in the matter).



^^What would an outing be without a random meltdown?!


^^And then, just like, everything is fine again!

Saturday afternoon we headed back downtown to The Banks, an up and coming area of the city that has grown so much in the short 5 years we have lived here. The Banks has a number of restaurants, varying from deli’s to fine dining spots, miles and miles of walking paths right along the river, benches and swings to relax on while catching your breath from the beautiful views of the city, and multiple splash pads and water areas to entertain the kids. It was a fun afternoon outside! One regret from the afternoon, next time we will take a picnic lunch so that we can stay a little longer and enjoy more that the area has to offer.









As if the weekend couldn’t get any better, after dinner Saturday evening we headed up to the Dairy Whip in downtown Loveland for some ice cream. In just over 6 weeks will be moving minutes away from downtown Loveland thought we would begin to check out all that the little city has to offer! And boy, they did not disappoint. And, Tate even got his own cone for the first time!! At first he was a little unsure if we were really going to let him hold it on his own, but then he gave us no second look and barely was breathing as he inhaled the cone in record time.





^^Folks, it doesn’t get any cuter than this!! All-in-all I would say we had a wonderful weekend - with the ice cream being Tate’s favorite!!


And to leave you with one more adorable picture of Maddie in her Sunday church clothes.


How did you spend your weekend?? 

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