This past weekend Geoff headed to Milwaukee for a work conference, which left me with the kiddos all by my lonesome. As I have said before on this blog of mine, I live for the weekends! I work hard all week long to tend to the house, keep up with laundry (doesn’t always happen), grocery shop, and complete any and all other not-so-fun-household-chores so that the weekends are fun! Without the door even shutting from Geoff’s weekend departure, I loaded up my car with close to a dozen bags of kiddo “essentials” (diapers, more diapers, and more diapers, and some clothes for when we entered the public) and headed up to Columbus to visit my aunt.

Columbus is only an hour and half from home and two hours from where my brother lives in Cleveland and so Josh and his darling girlfriend Kelcey drove down to my aunt’s as well to spend the weekend with the kids and I. It was a blast!! My aunt is always the best hostess and spoils us more than we deserve. My little brother and Kelcey were the best play mates with Taden all weekend long to give me a little break. It was a mama-pampering-weekend as much as it could be with two kiddos in tote. I appreciated all of the help and love given to my children. I seriously have the best family!! We ran through a splash park a couple of times, played soccer and Tonka trucks in the grass, visited the Columbus Zoo, ate way too much food and wrestled around and receive entirely too much love and affection from family members. Have I mentioned before how much I love my family?! PicMonkey Collage1


^^There was a fantastic splash park just around the corner from my aunt’s house. Taden had a blast running with Uncle Josh! They were truly ‘best buds’ all weekend long. I love watching these two play together. My brother is turning out to be one great uncle!

IMG_2567PicMonkey Collage2IMG_2578

^^Mama always prepared with his trucks.


^^This little princess was an angel all weekend long! And, we are beginning to find our thumb every once in awhile and/or taking a pacifier. I cannot believe how much she is growing each and every day.


Our day at the Columbus Zoo…


PicMonkey Collage

^^Oh, these two!!



^^One of my favorite exhibits at the Columbus Zoo is the kangaroo walking path. Kangaroos are such interesting animals and it is such a cool experience to be so close to them (literally walking right next to them!).



^^The orangutan's were hysterical when we stopped by their exhibit. They came right up to the window and were starring directly at us. I had never seen anything like it! Taden was so intrigued.




^^Can these two be any cuter?! We love Kelcey… especially the little man this weekend. At times he preferred her even to his mama!!






^^I just love that smile!




^^The new Heart of Africa exhibit = amazing! Well, the portions of the exhibit we were able to see were amazing. We left the best exhibit for last, but by the time we arrived we were energy-less! And, Taden looked like the picture below…



^^The weekend also included a little soccer in honor of the World Cup. Red, white, and blue outfit to cheer on our country and Dad’s Brazil soccer ball to cheer on our team #2.


^^My cousin Matt and his sweet girlfriend Candance arrived later in the weekend. The kids could not get enough of Matt. Taden kept running around the house saying his name and Maddie would giggle until her tummy hurt while playing with them.



^^”Hi Mom!!”

I am so grateful for wonderful family and their willing and helpful hands this past weekend while Geoff was away! Out of town adventures are hard with kids (who am I kidding, a grocery trip adventure is hard with kids!!), but our weekend flew by – which is exactly what I wanted sans my hubby!! Until our next trip…


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