I survived!!

Geoff has been out of town the past 7-days and so it has been just me and the kiddos (minus a quick trip to Columbus – see here). Geoff is such an amazing help with the kids and anything I need around the house or a quick stop at the grocery or late night duty with the kids. He is seriously the best!! I knew I could handle the two kids by myself, but also knew it would not be easy. So to spare you the crazy details of my each and every day (most include crazy dirty diapers or the day I forgot to put a diaper on Tate after a bath and he peed everywhere… for example) I survived – we all survived!!




^^I sent Geoff about a gazillion pictures of Maddie in her “I heart daddy” onesie one day. I am sure he got the point with picture #1, but I just couldn’t help myself … and I am definitely getting carried away here on this blog as well. Apologies.



The only way I survived this week was stepping away one-hour each day for this (seriously is my new addiction!) and eating these (have you tried them?! if not, shame on you!!).



^^Baby feet!!


I am glad to have my best friend home again with me! He is the best husband, an amazing father and incredible at his job. Thank you for working so hard while you were away! I am excited to see your business take off!! Welcome back.

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