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Not all of you may know how Geoff and I met, but in a nut shell… I was seriously dating someone else the night we met. I had my guards up as high as Mt. Everest and was not “looking” for anyone. Geoff immediately expressed interest in me and I frankly made it known I needed to be friends with him. After one more conversation with him I immediately knew he was special. Like really, really special. I broke off my courtship with the ‘other guy’ and went out on my first date with Geoff. Four days after our first date we were talking on the phone and he told me that he knew he was going to marry me. Yes, you read that correctly. Four days! At this point we had known each other for about two and half weeks!! I was shocked by the words coming out of his mouth, but after about thirty seconds of not saying a word and heavy breathing as to not pass out, I repeated the same words. I knew it as well. I instantly knew Geoff was an amazing man that I could not lose, and boy have I been right!

He truly is the greatest man I have ever come to know on this Earth. He is the most careless person and is always thinking of others and wanting to serve. He is amazingly smart (received his MBA this year!) and is constantly wanting to increase his knowledge, both spiritually and temporally. He is the best, most hands-on dad to our two beautiful children and such an amazing help to me. He has an amazing love for our Savior Jesus Christ and works hard each day to become more like Him. He gives me more love than I deserve or could ever imagine receiving. He challenges me to become my better self, at the same time building me and giving me the self-confidence I need to truly accomplish anything. He supports me, he is my partner, he is the love of my live. Happy Birthday Geoff!! Thanks for being you! I love you so much!!


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