treading. treading. i feel like am barely treading.

Okay, so maybe a little dramatic. I don’t usually use this blog to vent/whine/complain/ but the past few days have been some of the hardest since Maddie was born. Why, you ask?! Oh, let me tell you…

+ First, Geoff skipped town for his company’s annual meeting where they pump up their employees and motivate them to become better advisors and all-around people. I love how Geoff comes back on a high, both to accomplish his work goals and personal, but boy does the time away make it difficult for a mama with two under two at home.

+ The past week Maddie has learned to rollover both ways, get on all fours, and has begun to lunge crawl/army crawl herself around. How is that possible?! Isn’t she like 4 weeks? (actually she is 4 months, but close). I am so not ready for another mobile child!

+ With these new phases of mobility, Maddie has decided the hours of 3-5 AM are for perfecting her new skills. She lays in her pack-n-play (which still is in our room for all but 11 days and counting!!) rolling over and over, giggling to herself and making the cutest, little baby noises but that are not so cute at 3 in the morning as I lay a foot away from her. [do you hear my tired, grumbling sounds?]

+ I think Tate is ready for potty training. How can it be? He is showing all the signs that he is ready, I just am not sure I am ready. I really don’t think I am ready.

+ Tate and I have been struggling with picky-eating-boot-camp all weekend. He has recently decided that he will only eat a handful for foods. And, not only will he only eat a few items, but he will not even try anything outside of those items. I have had enough of being a short order cook (to which his pedi told me to stop doing immediately) and so World War III has occurred in our household over this subject matter. Enter at your own risk.

+ Oh, and I woke up Thursday morning with a blocked duct (see here). Breastfeeding has been well established since 10 minutes after Maddie was born, how is this possible?! I have spent the last 3 days trying to work the block out and am now on antibiotics to help with the infection that has also begun to set in (please no mastitis, please no!). I love being able to nurse my babies, but I have run into so many issues with it (thrush with Tate the first month of nursing him and know this with Maddie – heaven help me!).

+ One last thing (I know, how it is possible?!), we move in t-minute 11 days. I have 11 days to get this house packed, cleaned and try and keep everyone alive, healthy and happy in that time.

Sorry for the rant of dramatic first world problems. I know these issues are not really life-threatening or earth shattering and so many are dealing with much worse than me, but for the moment life is a little hard for me.

So, here’s for a better tomorrow … and, on the bright side, we move into our NEW HOUSE IN 11 DAYS!!

And, a couple of my recent favorite pictures of my cute family because I really do love them, even on the hard days!







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  1. You are such an amazing mama!



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