I think I have said on multiple occasions that I have the best husband ever. He spoils me more than I deserve and is so incredibly wonderful to me. He is the one in our relationship that is constantly telling me to go shopping, buy a new outfit for myself, get a massage. I have serious buyers remorse with most of my purchases and so this encouragement and validation that I deserve something for myself every once in awhile is so appreciated. I think without his pushes I would probably never purchase anything for myself! Sad, sad.

I remember one such occasion of Geoff pushing me to leave the house, take a break and go and get a manicure and pedicure – it was a day I needed a break (the usual chaos x 100!!). I quickly obliged and darted out the door. I headed to a nearby nail salon and treated myself to a pedicure only. I don’t do manicures. Ever. I mean I have in the past, but they never, ever last!! For some reason, nail polish can last for weeks months on my toes, but can barely last hours on my finger nails. So frustrating, but a problem I have accepted.

That is, until I had a friend recently send me a slip of Jamberry nail wraps to try. I was a little skeptical as have never been able to find anything that lasts on my nails. The company states the wraps can last up to two weeks without any chipping or peeling and honestly that is exactly what I found!



^^I have the Fresh Fern wraps on my nails. Clearly, I am not an expert in photographing fingernails. Or really photographing anything for that matter!

I decided to apply the wraps to a few of my finger nails and paint the others to have an accurate comparison. The painted nails began chipping or had imprinted markings on them as I cannot ever seem to sit still long enough for them to completely dry (am I the only one with this problem?!) less than 24-hours after painting them. Worthless!! The wraps held up perfectly for about 9 days. At around the 9-10 day mark I noticed a few sides of the wraps begin to peel back. By day 14 most all of the sides were beginning to peel, but honestly I probably could have let them go another day or two before needing to take them off. They were definitely better than I expected!!


Now, for full disclosure about the wraps, there is a serious learning curve (or at least for me). The wraps come with basic step-by-step instructions that are fairly easy to follow and the company even has tutorial videos on their site. You basically heat up the wraps, apply them to your nail, press them down, cut the wrap around the shape of your nail and then file down until smooth. Sound simple?! It is, but I have a really hard time doing anything with my left hand and so cutting and filing my right hand was pretty disastrous. I may have instituted the help of my again amazing husband! Overall, the instructions are easy but it does take some time to figure out the best way to apply them and shape them to your nail. But, once you get the hang of it, they look fab!

If you are on the lookout for the coolest new trend in nail fashion, hop on over to my friend Brittni’s Jamberry site and check out all the cute wraps they have. I am obsessed with this and this and this!!

Let me know if you try any and how they turn out for you!

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