Packing. Packing. And more packing. That pretty much sums up my life lately. I am sure my friends think I have totally left the social scene (“social scene” sounds much better than the mommy park rotation) as I have been MIA for weeks now! I spend most early mornings, naptimes (yes, it’s true!) and late evenings packing up our condo as we close on our NEW HOUSE this coming Wednesday!! It has seemed like this day would never come as we agreed to a very long close time frame nearly two months ago. But, we are almost there and are thrilled to finally be moving into our own home (though, I think the idea of not moving for quite a few years is the most exciting thing for us right now as we pack up everything!).

As our lives are mainly filled with boxes, wrapping paper and duct tape at this time, our kids have decided to quickly grow overnight and most days I feel like I do not even recognize them. Tate finally has more teeth sprouting through. He will be two in a month and only has 10 teeth total in his mouth!! We are welcoming more teeth at this point. He continues to learn new words each day and is going through a shrieking phase that I pray is over before it even began. And, we almost have a crawler in our family! Maddie has reached the stage where you cannot put her down on the ground and return a couple of minutes later (please tell me I am not the only mother that takes my eyes off of my child for a couple of minutes) because she will probably be somewhere or into something she isn’t supposed to be. Oh the fun of mobile children! She continues to be the happiest baby and little ray of sunshine. Life is busy. Life is crazy. But I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

Here are some recent pictures… you knew pictures were coming (they always do)!!


^^I cannot get enough of this little girl these days. She is the most easy-going, chilly baby and loves playing in her exersaucer, aka chewing on all the toys attached.


^^We still love trucks and playing with them in the sand. Though, we don’t discriminate and will play anywhere as long as trucks are involved.


^^I have been wanting to play tennis for weeks now but life has been too busy to even think about when and where. I finally scheduled some time for Geoff and I to hit some balls around … with our kids. Whatever I can get at this point! Let’s just say, playing tennis with kids running around is quite different from when we were single… and young.


^^But we had a great ball collector!


^^What a hunk!!


^^Weekend snuggles with Daddy are the best!!


^^It seems Tate, the usual suspect of this blog, has some hefty competition as this cute girl is taking it over!!



I promise the neglect of this blog will cease once we finish packing house #1 and move into house #2 later this week. Hip hip hooray … for both the move and blog, right?! Right!


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